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Comptem amb una ordenança municipal específica que regula l'activitat audiovisual a la nostra ciutat. El nostre objectiu és garantir la satisfacció de les productores i professionals que ens trien com a localització dels seus treballs.

  • Shooting - aerial photography and Drons

    The use of civil aircraft piloted by remote control, drones, is regulated by the State Agency for Air Safety [AESA] under the Ministry of Development.

    The new regulation for the use of UAVs / RPAS / drones was approved on December 15, 2017 and applies from December 29, 2017.

    What are main news for the professional use of drones in Spain?

    With this new regulation, services are authorized under conditions that were not possible until now.

    In all cases there is a series of criteria that must be met in such a way that the operation is safe. The most outstanding novelties are:

    • Overflights in urban areas and over agglomeration of people will be allowed but the following requirements must be met: the maximum take-off mass of the aircraft can not exceed 10 kg, the operation must be performed within the visual range of the pilot ( VLOS), in no case will exceed 120 meters in height or 100 meters horizontally with respect to the position of the pilot, the area to be flown must be cordoned off by the competent authority, or in other case, maintain a minimum horizontal distance of 50 meters with buildings or other structures, the aircraft must have installed an impact energy limitation system (parachute, airbag ...) and must have authorization from AESA through the realization of a aeronautical safety study.
    • Night flights will be allowed but will require the express authorization of AESA through the presentation of a specific security study. In addition, the aircraft must incorporate devices that guarantee visibility (lights, paint ...).
    • Flights in areas of controlled airspace will be allowed for aircraft that equip an S-mode transponder (less for aircraft of less than 25kg on VLOS flights) and must have adequate communications equipment. In addition, the pilot must accredit radiophonist knowledge. In such a critical flight, AESA will have to issue an explicit approval upon presentation of a safety study.
    • Flights outside the visual range of the pilot (BVLOS) with aircraft with MTOW> 2 Kg will be allowed as long as the aircraft has systems that detect and avoid other airspace users and are approved by AESA. In addition, the aircraft must have installed a vision device facing forward and must have authorization from AESA based on an aeronautical safety study.
    • Flights within the increased visual range (EVLOS) will be allowed through the figure of intermediate observers as long as the direct vision of the aircraft is guaranteed at all times. In addition, intermediate observers should be in continuous communication with the pilot via radio.

    Foto dron Policia Local

  • Credit Titles

    The Benidorm Film Office logo must be included in the credit titles, notify the opening / distribution day, and deliver to Benidorm Film Office:

    • A copy of the production for your file.
    • Minimum of two photographs of the filming in high resolution for internal use, on the Web of Benidorm Film Office, and to promote the city
  • Insurance policy

    Benidorm Film Office will be provided with a copy of the current Civil Liability policy before the start of filming, to respond in case of damages arising from the filming activity.

  • Special effects, explosives, and emergency drills

    Any weapon or explosive must be only the regulations and blanks. A copy of the proper documentation of any weapon, explosive, or special effect will be delivered to Benidorm Film Office. Likewise, scenes with actors dressed in official uniforms or any props / vehicles that simulate emergency services should be reported.

    Given these needs will be agreed and follow the indications of the Department of Mobility and Citizen Security.

  • Security and Noise

    The passage of ambulances, emergency vehicles, pedestrians (in particular users of wheelchairs), fords, entry / exit of garages, and all traffic signs will be respected at all times.

    The Municipal Environmental Ordinance will be respected with regard to noise, especially during night shootings (See Ordinance in PDF), as well as solving the possible glare caused by spotlights or others, try to reduce the inconvenience and ensure the rest of the neighbors.

  • Catering

    Catering is not authorized on public roads.

  • Clean and neat

    The filming area should be daily in perfect condition.

  • Notice to Neighbors and Merchants

    Benidorm Film Office provides you with a model letter to notify locals and merchants of the location. This written communication must be distributed in the mailboxes at least 5 days before filming, and must bear the signature and stamp of the producer in addition to the contact person's data to resolve any questions that may have a neighbor of the place.

  • Urban Furniture

    To request any modification in the urban furniture must be specified in the production record and always follow the instructions of the technicians of the Department of Technical Services of the City.

  • Traffic cuts

    The minimum term of 5 days should be extended as much as possible whenever a request for a traffic cut is required. It is advised that the cut be intermittent, outside peak hours. Always follow the instructions of the Department of Mobility and Public Security.

  • Parking and Shooting Space Reservations

    Benidorm Film Office will take care of reserving both the spaces to shoot and the spaces to park the vehicles. To do this, you must complete the corresponding production record and communicate the following information:

    • Date (s) and time (s) of use.
    • Street and address.
    • Area to occupy ( linear meters, clear references, or street numbering).
    • Indicate if the vehicle-free zone is required.

    In general, spaces will not be reserved where parking is forbidden (this non-compliance is subject to sanctions).

  • Use of Public Road

    For the placement of any material or vehicle of the technical team on the sidewalks and in pedestrian areas, it will be essential to provide the following information:


    • Measurements, weight, and exact location of the material and / or vehicle.
    • In the pedestrian zone, the pavement must be protected at all times.
    • All material and wiring must be properly protected and marked for the safety of pedestrians.
  • Filming in Public Spaces

    Benidorm Film Office will process all requests for filming in public spaces and / or public property of the City Council. The producer must fill in the corresponding application based on the development of the activity that needs to be carried out. For authorization, the content of each project will be studied together with the corresponding Municipal Department.

  • Municipal Ordinance

    Below you can consult the municipal ordinances in the attached PDF.


    Municipal Ordinances