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Both lines provide benefits of up to 1,000 euros for more than thirty activities and are financed through grants by Alicante Provincial Council

Benidorm extends until November 2 the deadline to request aid against the effects of Covid and the rise in energy

24 October 2022
Benidorm amplía hasta el 2 de noviembre el plazo para pedir las ayudas contra los efectos de la Covid y la subida de la energía.

Benidorm City Council has extended until November 2 the deadline to request the aid of up to 1,000 euros launched, on the one hand, to minimize the effects of the pandemic and, on the other, to compensate for the rise in energy prices. The Councilor for Employment and Local Promotion, Mónica Gómez, has indicated that "Alicante Provincial Council has extended the period to manage and justify the granting of these aids, which constitutes an opportunity for the City Council to extend the deadlines for request and favor the participation of companies or self-employed professionals who have not yet processed their request.

Gómez recalled that "these are two different lines of aid, each one aimed at specific sectors and economic activities but with the same objective: to support the productive fabric of Benidorm to recover from the negative consequences that the pandemic and the increase in the cost of energy have had and continue to have on companies and freelancers”.

"Between both lines of aid, more than 30 sectors and activities are served," she specified, after recalling that both calls are financed with subsidies from the Provincial Council of Alicante.

Regarding aid against the effects of Covid-19, Gómez has pointed out that they are endowed with 292,491 euros and directed, among others, to the passenger transport sector, taxis, driving schools, real estate, travel agencies, moving services, drinking establishments, 1 and 2-star hotels, boarding houses, and opticians.

In turn, aid to minimize the economic impact of the energy crisis is open to textile, sports, footwear, and leather stores; bookstores and stationery stores; furniture and lighting stores; hardware stores; toy stores; florists; pet shops; second-hand items; laundries and dry cleaners; and hairdressers and beauty salons. Also to retail trade establishments of all kinds of articles, beverages, food, computers, telecommunications equipment, electronic devices, greengrocers, bakeries, confectionery and pastry shops, restaurants and food stalls, butchers, fishmongers, and broadcasting activities.

The request for both lines must be made electronically at the municipal website, The deadline is at 11:59 p.m. next Wednesday, November 2.

Requirements and beneficiaries of grants for the effects of Covid

Among the requirements is that the average monthly billing of the months for which the aid is to be requested -which must be between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022- has been equal to or less than the billed average in the same months of 2019. SMEs, micro-SMEs, or self-employed entrepreneurs with fiscal domicile in Benidorm who carry out their activity in the following CNAEs can opt for:
4511 Sale of automobiles and light motor vehicles
4520 Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
4532 Retail trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories
4520 Sale, maintenance, and repair of motorcycles and their parts and accessories
4778 Other retail sales of new items in specialized stores
4931 Urban and suburban passenger transport
4932 Taxis
4939 Types of land passenger transport
4942 Moving Services
5010 Maritime transport and passengers
5221 Activities related to land transportation
5630 Drinking establishments
6831 Real estate agents
6832 Property Management and Administration
7711 Rental of automobiles and light motor vehicles
7721 Rental of leisure and sporting goods
7734 Rental of means of navigation
7911 Travel Agencies
7912 Tour operator activities
7990 Other reservation services
8553 Driving and piloting school activities
4774 Retail sale of medical and orthopedic articles in specialized establishments
5510 Hotels and lodgings (only pensions or hotel establishments of 1 or 2 stars)

Requirements and beneficiaries of the aid to minimize the impact of the rise in energy

In this case, SMEs, micro-SMEs, and the self-employed from the headings included in the call who have started their activity before December 31, 2021, who have a fiscal address in Benidorm and whose establishment has the corresponding business license, can apply for these grants. opening. The costs of electricity, gas, or fuel directly linked to the activity and assumed in a specific period reflected in the bases will be considered eligible expenses.

The CNAE's included in this call are:

4711 Retail trade of all kinds of articles.
4719 Other retail trade in non-specialized establishments.
4721 Retail trade of fruits and vegetables.
4722 Retail sale of meat and meat products in specialized establishments.
4723 Retail trade of fish and shellfish in specialized establishments.
4724 Retail trade of bread and bakery, confectionery, and pastry products in specialized establishments.
4725 Retail sale of beverages in specialized establishments
4729 Other retail trade of computers, peripheral equipment, and software in specialized stores.
4741 Retail sale of computers, peripheral equipment, and software in specialized stores.
4742 Retail trade of telecommunications equipment in specialized establishments.
4751 Retail trade of textiles in specialized establishments.
4752 Retail sale of hardware, paint, and glass in specialized establishments.
4754 Retail trade of electronic devices.
4759 Retail trade of furniture, lighting equipment, and others.
4761 Retail sale of books in specialized establishments.
4762 Retail sale of newspapers and stationery in specialized stores.
4764 Retail sale of sporting goods in specialized establishments.
4765 Retail sale of games and toys in specialized establishments.
4771 Retail trade of clothing in specialized establishments.
4772 Retail sale of footwear and leather goods in specialized establishments.
4775 Retail trade of cosmetic products
4776 Retail trade of flowers, plants, seeds, fertilizers, pets, and food for them in specialized establishments.
4777 Retail trade of watches and jewelry in specialized stores.
4779 Retail sale of second-hand items in specialized establishments.
5610 Restaurants and food stalls.
6010 Broadcasting activities.
9601 Washing and cleaning of textile garments and leather.
9602 Hairdressing and other beauty treatments.