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Delivery of sports equipment to Lion Costa Blanca Camp.

This morning, the councilors of Social Welfare and Sports, Angela Llorca and Mariló Cebreros, have delivered to the p

17 Jul 2019
Social Welfare scholarship 100% of the attendance of 67 minors to AMPA Summer School.

The Department of Social Welfare has granted 100% of the assistance of 67 minors to the Summer School organized by th

2 Jul 2019
New stage of Óscar Esplá.

Óscar Esplá Auditorium of l'Aigüera Park will premiere today a new modular stage of aluminum and phenolic board, spec

1 Jul 2019
The Óscar Esplá auditorium hosts the XVII Coexistence Benefit Festival of ASMIBE.

The Óscar Esplá Auditorium in Benidorm hosted last night the XVII Coexistence Benefit Festival organized by the Assoc

1 Jul 2019
Julio Iglesias Auditorium celebrates the 60th anniversary of Manos Unidas.

Julio Iglesias auditorium of L' Aigüera Park in Benidorm became the setting for the celebration of the 60th Anniversa

1 Jul 2019
Benidorm hosts this Saturday the 60th anniversary of Manos Unidas with a great show.

Julio Iglesias auditorium in Parque de l'Aigüera in Benidorm hosts this Saturday, June 29, at 9:30 p.m., the celebrat

26 Jun 2019


Responsables de la concejalía

S.ª D.ª Angela Llorca Seguí
Bienestar Social, Tercera Edad, Cooperación, Inmigración y Cementerios