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The mayor receives the board of Benidorm-Chimbote Solidarity Association (ASBECH).

A delegation from Benidorm-Chimbote Solidarity Association (ASBECH) today has made a visit to the first local authori

17 Jul 2020
Social Welfare department performed 183 actions of psychological care during the alarm state.

The Social Welfare services of Benidorm City Council have carried out 183 psychological care actions during the first

8 Jun 2020
 23,000 menus have been reached up today, offered by the Benidorm City Council to famlies, in addition to those of ‘Menjadors a casa’ program.

As a complement to ‘Menjadors a casa’ program for schoolchildren in Benidorm, which began on April 7, the scope of th

4 Jun 2020
Volunteering initiatives of Benidorm City Council, #RAC, essential in the first 2 weeks of action against the health crisis.

When the first two weeks of the Alarm Status period are completed due to the health crisis caused by Covid-19, Benido

30 Mar 2020
Social Services attends to cases detected in the #RAC program that require psychological help

The municipal Social Services are handling cases of people who need psychological help that have been detected becaus

24 Mar 2020
Social Welfare enables Raúl Mesa pavilion to serve homeless during the coronavirus crisis.

Social Welfare department has enabled Raúl Mesa pavilion to serve homeless people during the coronavirus crisis and w

20 Mar 2020


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