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Benidorm launches a new plan for the repair of damages on public roads.

The Department of Urban Scene has launched a new "shock plan" for the repair of damage to public roads, especially th

10 Dec 2018
Benidorm will renovate the public lighting of a large part of Colonia Madrid neighbourhood by installing luminaires with 'LED' technology.

Benidorm City Council is going to renovate the street lighting of about twenty streets in the neighborhood of Colonia

10 Dec 2018
Benidorm finishes the cleaning of ravines.

The ravines that run through the urban fabric are now completely clean.

7 Nov 2018
Urban Scene will improve the accessibility of Tamarindos Park after the Major Festivities.

Escena Urbana department, directed by José Ramón González de Zárate, will begin in the coming weeks adaptation works

5 Nov 2018
 Benidorm increases energy savings by 60% in seven points of the city by installing 'LED' technology in streetlights.

Benidorm  City Hall will increase by more than 60% the savings in public lighting of seven points of the city through

31 Oct 2018
Closing of the public car park of Virgen de la Macarena street.

The councilors of Urban Scene and Mobility report that the free public parking located in Virgen de la Macarena Stree

4 Oct 2018


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