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City Council and Beach Volleyball CD sign an agreement for the use of the new Poniente sports center.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, and the president of the Sports Club Vóley Playa Poniente, Raúl Mesa, today signed

10 Dec 2018
The playground of Elche Park welcomes this Friday a 'show' of magic to inculcate recycling among the little ones.

Raise awareness among the youngest children about the environmental benefits of reusing waste and instilling in them

24 Aug 2018
Beaches install lifelines in El Torrejó and at the end of Tamarindos to give more safety to swimmers.

The Department of Beaches has installed two lines of life on the beaches of Levante and Poniente to increase the safe

20 Aug 2018
Benidorm seeks to achieve the certification of Accesibility Point for the Levante beach

The councilman of Beaches, Lorenzo Martinez, attended the convocation of the Managing Organ of Beaches and highlighte

23 Jul 2018
Benidorm continues the campaign of large-scale reproductions to raise awareness that users do not leave waste on the beaches

Benidorm City Council and the concessionary company of the integral management of the beaches -RA Benidorm- have resu

19 Jul 2018
Benidorm improves the quality and service in the public toilets of its beaches.

The expansion and improvement of public baths on the beaches of Benidorm continues.

16 Jul 2018


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