Citizen Participation

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The City Council encourages residents to collaborate in the realization of a project that will change the entire neighborhood.

Benidorm City Council has already prepared the report and the accessibility study for the comprehensive reform of Alf

13 Oct 2020
Meeting at El Moralet this morning.

The Benidorm Athletics Club and BTT Section of Benidorm Cycling Union will be in charge of designing the new trails f

5 Oct 2020
The new Municipal branch and Neighborhood Center in Maravall Street will enter into service at the beginning of 2021.

A representation of the Neighborhood Council and the neighborhood associations of Plaza de España and Alfredo Corral

25 Sep 2020
Meeting of neighbors at Benidorm Town Hall.

This morning a working session was held in Benidorm, called by the Neighborhood Council, in which representatives of

11 Sep 2020
Wind rose in Martínez Alejos.

One more Thursday, representatives of the city's neighborhood associations, sponsored by the Neighborhood Council, h

4 Sep 2020
Residents in Colonia Madrid value positively the actions in their neighborhood.

The residents of Colonia Madrid have been able to meet today Thursday with their representatives at City Hall.

28 Aug 2020


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S.ª D.ª Ana Pellicer Pérez
S.ª D.ª Ana Pellicer Pérez
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