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The plenary session approves initially a budget of more than 93 million with the votes of the government, Cs and CBM

The mayor of the Treasury stresses that budgets are "solidary and balanced, agreed with the groups that have wanted

20 Mar 2017
Benidorm collects CAF 500+ certification for the quality of the Treasury service and proposes to extend the system to other departments

The City Council has been the first local administration in Spain to achieve this distinction

17 Feb 2017
Benidorm presents a draft budget jumping to 5 million real investment in works and projects

Revenues and expenses are balanced at 93.6 million, almost 12 of which will amortize bank debt

13 Feb 2017
Benidorm represents Spain at a European event about the CAF quality system

A municipal delegation headed by the mayor will explain in Bratislava the improvements implemented in Treasury

28 Nov 2016
Benidorm closes 2015 with 7.7 million euros in positive and 21 million less of debt

Caselles explained that this budgetary balance "is good" and evidence that "we have fulfilled our goal" to reduce spe

26 Apr 2016
El pleno votará este jueves la aprobación definitiva del presupuesto

La propuesta del alcalde, Toni Pérez, se basa en el informe de Intervención que informa negativamente y desestima las

11 Apr 2016


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