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The government pays off 44.7 million euros of debt from the Supplier Payment Plan in three years.

The local government of Benidorm has settled in three years 44,762,780 euros of debt of the Plan of Payment to Suppli

3 Dec 2018
The plenary session approves by absolute majority the municipal budget of 2018.

The plenary of the corporation has approved by absolute majority the municipal budget for the year 2018 that amounts

25 Apr 2018
The accounts amount to 102 million euros, although the ceiling of expenditure is close to 80 million.
Benidorm government has transferred to the corporation the draft budget for the year 2018, which includes real investmen
3 Apr 2018
Benidorm pays the penultimate expropriation linked to Foietes Park before the agreed deadline.

Benidorm City Council has paid today, six days before the deadline, the penultimate expropriation of land linked to F

12 Mar 2018
Benidorm assumes to review ex officio the final settlements of Subzone C.

The City Council of Benidorm is going to initiate the procedure to officially review the final settlements of the spe

11 Dec 2017
SUMA will help taxpayers in Benidorm to make the Declaration of Income

The City Council and the Tax Agency collaborate with this campaign, which runs from May 15 to June 30

9 May 2017


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