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The municipal budget of 2020 enters into force.

The municipal budget of Benidorm City Council for the year 2020 has entered into force today, after during the period

30 Jan 2020
Benidorm amortizes 11.1 million euros of debt of the Adjustment Plan.

Benidorm City Council will pay in the next days 11.1 million euros of debt of the Adjustment Plan, corresponding to o

25 Nov 2019
The plenary will finally approve the 2019 budget on Thursday.

The full of the Corporation of Benidorm will definitely approve next Thursday, September 5, in extraordinary session,

3 Sep 2019
Social spending is increased and new projects are included, such as the renovation of Polop Street, the restoration of Morales Tower and provisions for the Local Police

The local government team today has sent the members of the corporation the updated draft of the municipal budget of

15 Jul 2019
The non-approval of the municipal budget leaves in the air subsidies to entities and delays the works planned for 2019.

The Councilor for Finance, Lourdes Caselles, explained today that the non-approval of the 2019 municipal budget leave

6 May 2019
Benidorm reduces the debt below 37% and will liquidate the Adjustment Plan three years in advance.

At the close of 2018, the debt of the Benidorm City Council was below 37%, as indicated by the mayor, Toni Pérez, and

3 Apr 2019


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