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The municipal market moves tomorrow to the fairgrounds and surrounding streets for a month.

As usual in the summer season, starting tomorrow, July 10, and for a month, the municipal market on Wednesdays is mov

10 Jul 2019
The Old Town is once again filled with artists and craftsmen in 'Les Nits del Castell'.

As every summer, artisans and artists fill the streets of the Old Town in a new edition of 'Les Nits del Castell', an

4 Jul 2019
Benidorm plunges into the Middle Ages.

Coinciding with the commemoration of the 694th anniversary of the founding of Benidorm, the city has been submerged t

14 May 2019
Benidorm returns to Middle Ages at the weekend with its Medieval Market.

For the fourth consecutive year, Benidorm will be immersed again this weekend in the Middle Ages through the medieval

8 May 2019
Artisans and painters return this Easter to the squares of the old town in 'Les Nits del Castell'.

Artisans and painters return during Easter to the squares of the Castle, thus providing an additional attraction to t

16 Apr 2019
'Benidorm fet a mà' promotes new initiatives for traditional trade in La Cala.

The promotion campaign of the traditional trade 'Benidorm fet a mà', organized by the councils of Commerce and Employ

11 Apr 2019


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