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Commerce publishes the provisional list with those registered in the 27th Christmas Window Dressing Contest.

The Department of Commerce of Benidorm City Council has published the provisional list with the 1,574 establishments

15 Dec 2020
Benidorm extends the prize award to 500 euros in the 27th Window Dressing Competition and the registration period .

Benidorm City Council has increased the amount of the prize award to 500 euros that will be given to all participatin

9 Dec 2020
Commerce opens the registration of the Window Dressing Contest, with prizes for all participants.

The Department of Commerce directed by Lorenzo Martínez has opened the registration period for the 27th Christmas Win

1 Dec 2020
Municipal Market. Below, the Councilor for Commerce, Lorenzo Martínez explains the new distribution that will be applied next Wednesday.

Starting next Wednesday, the stalls of clothing, footwear and other non-essential products will return to Benidorm mu

30 Nov 2020
‘Les Nits del Castell’ return with measures to comply with health safety requirements.

Artists and artisans return tonight, as every summer season, to the old town of Benidorm in a new edition of ‘Les Nit

6 Jul 2020


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