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 Bullfighting artists take over the Bullring in Benidorm

A show at popular prices in which the Comissió de Festes Majors Patronals collaborates

14 Jul 2017
The bullfighter, Andy Cartagena, will celebrate the 20 years of his alternative with 6 bulls in Benidorm

Jesús Carrobles bets on this type of spectacles so that Benidorm "re-sounds in the bullfighting world"

27 Mar 2017
Ortega Cano gives a donation to 4 associations in Benidorm

The bullfighter wanted to use the visit, in the presence of Toni Pérez and the councillor for Plaza de Toros, Jesús C

11 Mar 2016
Jesulín de Ubrique will fight this summer in Benidorm's bull ring

Benidorm will host this bull-fighting event from 22.30, and Fran Moreno, the bullfighter from Benidorm will also take

16 Jul 2015
Finito de Cordoba, Miguel Abellán and El Fandi make up the poster of the bullfight at Easter

The poster is composed of first three leading figures such as 'Finito de Cordoba' Miguel Abellán and 'El Fandi'.

11 Mar 2015
Benidorm will have an extensive taurine program for the Major Patron Festivities

The councilman for Plaza de Toros, Juan Ramón Martínez, the president of the Fiestas Committee, Vicente Solaz, and th

30 Oct 2014


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