Road Cleaning

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Benidorm will hose down more than 40 streets in all neighborhoods within the special plan 'post summer'

Neighborhood associations have taken the trouble spots for this cleaning that will be done with purified water, degr

1 Sep 2016
Benidorm reactiva la patrulla para luchar contra los excrementos caninos en la vía pública

Sobre el caso concreto de los excrementos caninos, De Zárate ha recordado que el artículo 153 de la ordenanza estable

13 Apr 2016
Waste collection in Marqués de Comillas, Maravall and Urano street are already lateral load

The councilman for Street Cleaning, José Ramón González de Zárate, stated that "many residents" had requested this ch

31 Mar 2016

By this cleaning, consisting in the removal of floating solids, it will be able to improve efficiency, increasing the

2 Feb 2016


Responsables de la concejalía

Sr. D. José Ramón González de Zárate Unamuno
Sr. D. José Ramón González de Zárate Unamuno
Espacio Público, Obras, Accesibilidad Universal, Movilidad, Limpieza Viaria y Ciclo del Agua