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Grupo Plaza donates to Caritas and Red Cross 3,000 in food

The food delivery was attended by the owner of Grupo Plaza, Enrique Ballester, the councillor for Citizen Participati

23 Dec 2013
The campaign "Vecinos Solidarios" collected 6,500 kilos of food, clothing and toys in its second edition

The campaign has been developed in different districts of the city, with the collaboration of 18 neighborhood associa

21 Dec 2013
Benidorm strengthens security in neighborhoods with the implementation of the Community Police

The presentation was in the office of Mayor and was attended by the mayor , Agustín Navarro , the first deputy mayor

3 Dec 2013
Benidorm launches the second edition of the initiative 'Vecinos solidarios'

The campaign will run from 2 to 18 December and residents can give their donations, that will be delivered to Caritas

28 Nov 2013
Francisco Alvado Barber receives the award for Exemplary Neighbor 2013

The mayor of Benidorm , Agustín Navarro , presided over the ceremony held at the hall of the Town Hall , and was enli

31 Oct 2013
Neighbors in the district La Huerta claim the Mayor better roads and adjustment of the paths

The mayor and councilors have attended personally to all citizens who wanted to share their concerns about their neig

20 Sep 2013


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S.ª D.ª Ana Pellicer Pérez
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