Benidorm's beaches reach 110,000 users in its first two weeks of activity

In the last 7 days the number of visitors has practically tripled, with peaks above 10,000 people
Benidorm's beaches reach 110,000 users in its first two weeks of activity.
Benidorm's beaches reach 110,000 users in its first two weeks of activity.

Mónica Gómez highlights "the perception of safety" of beaches, also recognized by the international press

After its reopening on June 15, the beaches of Benidorm have reached 110,000 users in its first two weeks of activity, according to data provided today by the councilor of the area, Mónica Gómez, who recalled "the important effort we have made through 'Benidorm Beach Safety' project so that the city's sandbanks are totally safe and bathers can enjoy them in the freedom to feel protected ”.

Gómez has indicated that "this perception of security, which has even been echoed by the foreign media that place Benidorm as an example of good practice, has made the number of users progressively and significantly increase" .

In fact, according to the figures collected from the 30 access points distributed in Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas, the first week 30,190 people enjoyed the beaches of Benidorm; a figure that shot up to 79,622 users during the second week. "In a week we have practically tripled the number of bathers, with days in which 10,000 people have been exceeded," he pointed out. The best data was obtained this past Sunday with 17,526 users.

The head of Playas has stated that “we believe that this increase in users is due to two factors: on the one hand, the arrival of residents from other autonomous communities with housing in the city; and on the other, to the safety and comfort offered by our beach management and organization system ”.

Remember that ‘Benidorm Beach Safety’ project is a modular and versatile system that adapts to the demand and needs of each moment, and that guarantees the safety distance between beach users. For this, 16 square meters (4x4 meters) plots have been configured with a maximum occupancy ranging from 4 to 5 people depending on the sector and the beach has been divided into different spaces: for people over 60, for population in general and for the installation of hammocks managed by the concessionaire company. Likewise, 30 access points to the beaches, corridors connecting the sea and the plots, and a 6-meter strip for pedestrian traffic between the shore and the plots have been established.

In general, the hours of stay on the beaches are from 09:00 to 21:00, although punctual walks and baths are authorized between 07:00 and 08:45.

Gómez has highlighted "the exemplary behavior of citizens, who are respecting, understanding and complying with the rules for the use of our beaches, which have been designed in accordance with the latest health, hygiene and safety recommendations and always with the aim of protecting the utmost to users without their experience and satisfaction suffer. "


More details about ‘Benidorm Beach Safety’

  • The maximum capacity exceeds 33,000 people, with a maximum occupation of 27,852 users in the free zone and 5,624 in the hammock spaces.
  • Despite the existence of spaces reserved exclusively for those over 60 years of age, users over this age can access the space for the general population and also for hammock areas.
  • The maximum occupancy in the green plots is 4 people, and up to 5 people in the blue ones as long as one of them is under 6 years old.
  • Walks along the shore are allowed, as is the practice of beach volleyball and beach soccer in areas designated for this purpose.
  • Children under 10 years can stay in the 6-meter strip along the shore.
  • Footbaths are operational although with restrictions to ensure that users keep the safety distance while using them. In the lavator blocks with ten jets, only two are active; and one, in the blocks that have five pipes. In addition, most of them will install motion sensors so that the jets are activated on demand.
  • As established by state regulations, the prohibition of all types of games outside these spaces remains and the beachlibrary, children's play areas, bio-healthy circuits and kalestenia will continue to be closed.