Benidorm celebrates on October 9 with optimism despite the pandemic and looking to the future

Quico, the Photographer, is awarded with the Cultural Distinction ‘Ciutat de Benidorm’ on the Valencian Community Day
Quico the Photographer surrounded by the municipal corporation.
Quico the Photographer surrounded by the municipal corporation.

"This October 9, 2020 - Toni Pérez said - is influenced by a pandemic, whose harsh effects have changed our way of facing life and living it."

For yet another year, Benidorm has commemorated the festivity of October 9, the Valencian Community Day, with the traditional institutional plenary session in which the city presents the Cultural Distinction 'Ciutat de Benidorm', an award that this year has been delivered to Francisco Pérez Bayona, 'Quico the photographer'.

On this occasion, and due to the special circumstances caused by Covid-19, El Castell, the traditional setting for the city's institutional events, has been replaced by another emblematic enclave of the city, l'Aigüera Park . There, from just before 10 a.m., representatives of cultural, neighborhood, festive, social and business groups in the city, the security forces and bodies, and all the members of the Corporation have begun to gather. Municipal. Among the public, the regional deputy, Manuel Pérez Fenoll, and the honorary consul of Ecuador, Domingo Gómez Torres.

The plenary session began with the raising of the flags of Spain, the Valencian Community and Europe and the sound of the national anthem played by the Unió Musical de Benidorm. Then, and after the presentation of Dr. Eusebi Chiner, who received the same award last year, the mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, has presented the Cultural Distinction 'Ciutat de Benidorm' to Francisco Pérez Bayona, 'Quico el fotgraf', reference, through the lens of his camera, of the recent history of the city.

After the imposition of the distinction, a badge with the distinctive '9 d'octubre', designed by Miguel Bayona, and the delivery of a reproduction of the façade of the Castell viewpoint, a work by José María Morán Berruti, and the public appreciation of the winner, the mayor addressed the auditorium to deliver the traditional institutional speech in which he praised Quico's professional career and assessed the situation in the city due to Covid-19.

"This October 9, 2020 -Toni Pérez has said- is conditioned by a pandemic, whose harsh effects have changed our way of facing life and living it." The mayor has reiterated Benidorm's desire to feel “fully Valencian”. "The pride - he has underlined - of a hardworking and honest people that we project in this act".

The mayor has remembered those who "are no longer with us", and has sent an "emotional hug" of support to their families in the face of the pain suffered. Likewise, Toni Pérez has valued the work carried out by the health personnel "for their selfless work and effort during the last months and until today" and has not missed the opportunity to thank the efforts of the security forces of the state, essential municipal services, civil society and institutions that "altruistically and voluntarily, individually or collectively, have collaborated and continue to do so to confront with more guarantees this parenthesis in the normality of our lives" .

Persons committed to their people

About ‘Quico el Fotografo’, Toni Pérez has said that he is among those “excellent examples of persons committed to the people and the city”. And he has highlighted "his sensitivity, plastic capacity, vital force and bonhomie." The mayor addressed the honoree to stress that “this is a recognition of Benidorm. Your Town ”, a prize deservedly won after a lifetime“ fixing, through the viewfinder ”[of the camera] its essence”.

In his speech, the mayor also recalled the role of Quico, as a radio amateur, in promoting tourism in the city. His collaboration with Benidorm entities and civil society and his willingness to serve the public, demonstrated during his work at the City Council when he was councilor for areas such as Supplies and Markets, Health and Cemeteries.

After the mayor's institutional speech and the solemn interpretation of the hymns of Benidorm and the Valencian Community, the act ended shortly before noon. The day after tomorrow, Sunday, the last event of the commemoration of October 9 will take place in Benidorm, the concert of the l'Illa Musical Society on this same stage, the Julio Iglesias auditorium.