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The Summer Barometer confirms that the beaches are still the main attraction of the city

Benidorm gives confidence

12 November 2021
Barómetro Verano

Fidelity to destiny is maintained from generation to generation: the 75'3 has repeated its visit. The interviewees highlight the commitment of the City Council and the city to offer excellence to tourists

The visitor to Benidorm repeats regularly. This data has been verified once again in the Summer'2021 Barometer where 75'3% have repeated visits. Fidelity to the destination is one of Benidorm's strengths that will allow a firm and faster recovery. Those who visited the destination for the first time represent 24.7%; This figure represents an opportunity to incorporate new customers who may be recurring in the future, establishing the vicious circle that maintains the ratios of tourists visiting the city.
The results of the survey show the high general interest in Benidorm due to the quality of services and infrastructures, compliance with sanitary measures by all the agents involved (hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.), considering this result to be key due to the effort continuous carried out in all areas and because it has been made visible by tourists.
The perception of security reflected in this report shows excellent confidence that is consistent with the monthly monitoring indicator with the Mabrian Intelligence tool, which in this period rose to 94.4.
The high degree of recommendation by visitors to family and friends to visit Benidorm is also appreciated.
Enjoying the sun and the beach is, once again, the main option in the choice of Benidorm with 45.4%; Rest (26%) is the second option, which in the months of September and October is around 40%. Being with the family (16%) is a general option in July, September and October and throughout the summer the question of leisure and fun (6'6%). Discovering Benidorm (2'4%), especially in high season, has been signified in this barometer.
The Barometer highlights that national tourism accounted for 80.04% of the tourists that Benidorm received this summer; the international market reported the remaining 19'96% and again the United Kingdom contributed the most significant percentage, although this year it remained at 7.3% due to mobility restrictions and the application of the so-called “British traffic light”. The peninsular immediacy has made it possible for Portuguese tourists, traveling by road, to represent 3%. Germany and the Netherlands contributed 1'2 and 0'84% respectively. French tourism was at the level of the Czech, both with 0.24%, below the Italian, which stood at 0.36%.The Community of Madrid, with 30'58%, was the main source of national tourists, together with the province of Toledo (7'20%), completing the surrounding and bordering ring -Alicante (7'95%), Valencia (7.20%), Albacete (4.50%) and Murcia (2.55%) - together with traditional issuers such as Valladolid and Navarra, both at 2.85%.
The means of transport chosen this summer to travel to Benidorm has been conditioned by the pandemic reality. 77% of the tourists arrived by road in their own vehicle and 0.6% with a rented vehicle; 4.1% by bus, 2.3% by bus and 15.9% by air, a percentage slightly higher than last summer. The traffic control capacity of the Benidorm City Council monitored the order of one hundred thousand daily movements. From the Alicante train station and from the airport, the transfer bus has been the main means to get to Benidorm (44.9%) followed by the taxi (26.5%) and the rental vehicle (20.4%) .
A constant in the behavior of the visitor to Benidorm detected with these barometers is the reason why they do it and with whom they do it. They do it, without a doubt, because of the attractiveness of the Benidorm destination. The time in advance to make reservations or organize your trip is in the interval of one to two months (25.5%), which shows the confidence and security that the Benidorm destination awakens. There were also those who formalized their reservation between 8 and 15 days (14.7%). Undoubtedly, the epidemiological situation has been key in the increase in last minute bookings, mainly from international markets that were used to a forecast of more than 3 months.
Regarding who they do it with, 47'7% of visitors enjoy Benidorm with relatives and 38'6% with their partner; in 2021, 58.4% of visitors did so as a couple. 11.6% do it in a group with friends and 1.4% do it alone.
Already in the city, the tourist destination has focused on the areas of Levante (29.3%) and Rincón de Loix (39%) with high availability of hotel accommodation. One element that gains a share in the barometer is enjoying the pool or the different theme leisure parks that Benidorm has, which is a prominent element. Along with the local gastronomy, it is indicated with more than 40% of the options, above the option of shopping in the city, nightlife and the possibility of visiting the towns near Benidorm, with more than 30%.
With 62.6%, the hotel is the central nucleus of the lodging reserve, followed by the home owned (8.1%), the home of relatives and / or friends (5.1%) and a tourist apartment (4 , 9%). The summer of 2021 is also significant compared to the previous summer season, because the option for hotel establishments rises slightly and that of tourist apartments decreases; In the summer of 2021, more hotel rooms have been opening.
The Summer Barometer also highlights that 31.8% chose Benidorm based on their knowledge of the tourist destination and 41.8% used the website to collect specific information about Benidorm. The study highlights the work of VisitBenidorm reinforcing the positioning of the city in social networks. Key segments, such as the young population, have valued content and campaigns launched by the promotion body. Respondents also highlight Benidorm's appearances on television.
This barometer has also influenced and determined the average expenditure per stay, quantified at € 1,155.7 and the average expenditure per person and day of € 74.5 this summer, highlighting in this matter the month of October, which has reached 82.5 €. The arrival of foreign tourists has been able to explain this rise, as well as the change in the type of visitor, senior tourist and with reasons for rest. Compared with the year 2020, it can be seen how the months of August and September 2021 significantly exceed the values ​​compared to the same period of the year 2020.

Benidorm Beaches

The beaches are the main attraction of Benidorm. The study stands out as a priority reason to enjoy the sun and the beach, but the beaches are the undisputed protagonists: 89.8% of those surveyed emphasize that they have enjoyed some of the beaches. The Poniente and Levante beaches concentrate the highest use (78.3% and 33.1% respectively). And although it is true that the Mal Pas beach and the Tío Ximo cove register a decrease in users compared to last year, the valuation of their elements and services are very positive, with the questions of tranquility and security being able to enter into it. who have enjoyed the beaches of Benidorm this summer
Regarding the indicators, cleanliness, security and service have deserved the highest scores, highlighting the interviewees the commitment of the municipal entities to offer excellence to tourists. In general, there have been no significant changes in tourist ratings compared to 2020.

Barometer details 

In general, tourists value their experience in the city positively and perceive that they have felt safe both in their accommodation and in the activities carried out (84.5% of those interviewed). The average score on the possibility of recommending Benidorm for this issue was 8'47, reaching 9'1 in September.
In this study, the importance of a variable that seeks to have continuity over time has been detected: travel with a pet. The majority (73.5%) do not have them, but 17.9% of the people interviewed who do decide not to bring them with them. Adapting the infrastructures, communication campaigns and shared uses of public space could encourage visitors with pets to be encouraged to bring them and this constitutes an axis of work.

Tourist Barometer

Benidorm Tourist Barometer arises at the initiative of the Pedro Zaragoza Orts Chair of Tourism Studies and the LIKERT applied social research institute, to provide Benidorm with a permanent data collection tool through indicators that allow measuring the social and economic reality from Benidorm in summer season.
The main objective is to measure the state of public opinion of tourists, residents, businessmen and clients. The information collected is subjective in nature, thus knowing the visitor's experience instantly and comparatively. The standard indicators make it possible to evaluate the perception of those who enjoy Benidorm and measure the state of public opinion regarding the infrastructures and services that the tourist destination city makes available.