Ana Pellicer

Boca del Calvari Museum will host from today until March 15 the collective exhibition ‘La mirada del otro'.

18 Jan 2021

The Municipal Archive of Benidorm has recovered two films of 16 and 35 mm promoting the city dated in the 70s and 80s

14 Jan 2021

Citizens of Benidorm have presented around 80 proposals for their analysis and inclusion in the Participatory Budget

11 Jan 2021

As of today and as they did during the first wave of the pandemic, Benidorm City Council and Hosbec hotel association

11 Jan 2021

The Councils of Historical and Cultural Heritage and Citizen Participation of Benidorm City Council will activate in

11 Dec 2020

The municipal technicians are already working on the drafting of a project to improve the accessibility of the street

9 Dec 2020