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The works of the urban stretch that will join Paseo de Poniente and Vicente Pérez Devesa avenue begin.

The urbanization works of Poniente Action 1 Unit, which will allow linking Paseo de Poniente and Vicente Pérez Devesa

13 Sep 2018
The experts guarantee that the proposal provided by Armanello owners complies with the regulations and can be sent to Consellería.

The municipal experts have informed that the Strategic Initial Document presented by the Town Planning Interest Group

13 Jul 2018
Benidorm will send to the Ministry the strategic document presented by the owners of PP1 / 1 to relaunch the urbanization of the sector.

The City Council of Benidorm will send to the Ministry of Housing, Works and Vertebration of the Territory the Initia

5 Jul 2018
Benidorm takes the first step to unlock the advertising ordinance.

Benidorm City Council has taken the first step to unlock the approval of the municipal publicity ordinance, drafted b

16 May 2018
The City Council initiates the procedures to acquire the land for the future Discotecas road.

Benidorm City Council has begun the process for the acquisition of the land through which the so-called discotecas ro

4 Apr 2018
The technicians study the proposal to allow establishments on 1st floors and basements of the main avenues.

The municipal technicians will study the proposal made by the municipal group of the PP within the Advisory Council o

7 Feb 2018


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