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The Partial Plan that will complete the Poniente urban grid will be completed by the spring of 2021.

The Partial Plan 2/1 Poniente, which will "sew the urban fabric" of the area and "complete the union of Armada Españo

5 Mar 2019
The government takes to the plenary session the final approval of the agreement to develop the Partial Plan 2/1 Poniente.

Benidorm government team will raise to the next plenary the definitive approval of the urban agreement between the Ci

15 Feb 2019
The judge rejects the appeal of adverse effects against the licenses that made possible the opening of a flea market in Comunidad Valenciana Avenue.

The magistrate of the Court of the Contentious-Administrative number 1 of Alicante has dismissed the claim for advers

11 Dec 2018
Benidorm completes the last step to develop the Partial Plan 2/1 Poniente.

The administrative procedure to develop the Partial Plan 2/1 Poniente, which will complete the linking of Vicente Pér

29 Nov 2018
The urbanization that will join Paseo de Poniente and Avenida Vicente Pérez Devesa is already focused on the canalization of Rajarell ravine.

The works of urbanization of the Unit of Action 1 Poniente, that will allow to unite Poniente promenade and Vicente P

7 Nov 2018
The document of the Bus Station appears in the area of Intervention.

The spokesman of the Municipal Group of the Popular Party, José Ramón González de Zárate, has appeared to refute the

2 Oct 2018


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