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'Good night Benidorm, good night Spain' of Benidorm Song Festival is heard again 60 years later.

The exhibition of the 60th anniversary of the Festival of the Song of Benidorm yesterday opened its doors in an act

15 Jul 2019
Toni Pérez lights the neon sign.

The main door of Boca del Calvari Museum has been lit since last night by a neon sign that announces the commemorativ

11 Jul 2019
Benidorm commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Song Festival with a large exhibition in Boca Calvari.

Benidorm City Council will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Song Festival with a large exhibition at Museu Boc

10 Jul 2019
L'Hort de Colon is filled with music, animations, workshops and dramatized visits during the summer.

One more summer l'Hort de Colon will be full of activities every afternoon duriong the months of July and August with

28 Jun 2019
Benidorm opts for a grant to act in Torre de Morales, BIC of the 16th century.

Benidorm City Council will opt for a grant to act in Torre de Morales, a defensive construction dating back to the 16

27 Jun 2019
The Municipal Library donates the first batch of books to AFA and will create a reading point in 'Pepa Esperanza'.

The acting councilor of Historical Heritage, Ana Pellicer, has delivered today a batch of books to Garbiñe Mondragón,

17 Jun 2019


Responsables de la concejalía

S.ª D.ª Ana Pellicer Pérez
Presidencia, Patrimonio Histórico y Cultural, Participación Ciudadana, Residentes Extranjeros, Atención al Ciudadano y Estadística