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The local government will present in the plenary session the Regulations to implement teleworking in the City Council.

The local government team will raise to plenary session next Monday, November 30, the Regulations for the Implementat

26 Nov 2020
The municipal Conservatory of Music and Dance resumes its teaching activity on Monday.

"José Pérez Barceló" Municipal Conservatory of Music and Dance begins this Monday, September 28, the 2020/2021 academ

25 Sep 2020
Benidorm calls the tests to create a Social Work labour exchange.

Benidorm City Council has called for selective tests for the creation of a Social Work employment exchange.

22 Jun 2020
The City Council installs baby changing tables in the municipal offices

Benidorm City Council has started the installation of baby changing tables in public buildings.

3 Feb 2020
Benidorm completes the process to incorporate 11 new temporary officers of the Local Police.

Benidorm City Council has completed today the selective process to incorporate 11 new temporary officers to the staff

17 Jun 2019
73% of the workers of the City Council vote in favor of the Assessment of Jobs.

73% of the employees of the City Council of Benidorm summoned today voted about the Assessment of jobs, (VPT), previo

15 May 2019


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