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El I Sport&Fitness Beach en Benidorm

Se podrá practicas Pádel-Beach, Zumba-Beach, Cross-Beach, Fútbol-Playa, Fútbol-Americano y otras muchas actividades,

29 Aug 2013
Sanex has given 300 lots of products to Red Cross for its campaign “Tour piel sana”

This campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of skin care offering advice about health habits.

22 Jul 2013
Blue flags are already fluttering on Benidorm beaches

The Councilman for Beaches, Vicenta Juan Ivorra has highlighted the "hard work of the municipal technicians" to achie

5 Jul 2013

La propuesta ha contado con los votos a favor del Equipo de Gobierno y el voto de calidad del alcalde y los votos en

24 Jun 2013
Police security operation for the night of San Juan on the beaches of Benidorm

Ivorra stressed that "for us is a priority to preserve the health of our beaches," he announced that "bonfires will

19 Jun 2013
800 kilos of waste have been removed from the seabed of Benidorm harbour

In total, about 800 kilograms of waste have been removed.

18 Jun 2013


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