The works of the Partial Plan 2/1 configure the urban fabric of Poniente

The mayor shares with the neighbors the progress of the works that are transforming the entire neighborhood
The mayor explains the actions to the neighbors.
The mayor explains the actions to the neighbors.

A “new modern city”, according to the president of Poniente neighborhood association

The residents of Poniente have been able to verify today, within the framework of the "At the foot of the street" campaign promoted by the City Council in collaboration with Espacio Público and the Neighborhood Council, the progress of the works of the Partial Plan 2/1. Actions that will involve the total transformation of the strip with the construction of the new roads that will configure a new urban fabric.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, together with the councilors for Citizen Participation, Public Space and Urban Planning, Ana Pellicer, José Ramón González de Zárate and Lourdes Caselles; representatives of the developer agent, TM and municipal technicians have shared with the vice presidents of the Neighborhood Council, Teresa Garrido and Manuel Sánchez Notario; merchants, residents and the president of the Poniente Neighborhood Association, Christian Corraini; the details of some works that already reveal the total transformation of the neighborhood.

The mayor recalled that the action "is based" on the 1990 General Plan that 31 years later "pending its development and rights acquired by developers and landowners" could be unlocked in the previous legislature 2015- 2019 “and now it begins to take shape with the development of the urban fabric”.

This is the space between the first line of the beach, in Armada Española and Vicente Pérez Devesa Avenues, which will add "the opening of many roads and the construction of that public car park with almost 500 spaces at the height of Poseidón hotel". said Toni Pérez, who has also respected "the existing trees" and that will leave "a viewpoint in height from which the entire Paseo de Poniente can be seen."

In this way, the “large, very spacious roads with provisions for cycling mobility with great connections” have already taken shape that will allow the introduction of a new parallel road to both the Vía Parque and the Spanish Armada “generating a new residential space and large endowment uses ”.

The intervention that "will prevent a good part of the vehicles from circulating on Armada Española Avenue" and will promote "the pedestrian use of this road", while the cars will preferably use the roads that are going to open soon.

The mayor recalled that these new streets will join Rajadell Avenue already executed ”with the road open to traffic that limits the Partial Plan 2/1 which, in turn, will join another between InTempo and what we all know as Cruz Roja.  At this point a roundabout is currently being built. In addition to public parking, the area will add another 500 parking spaces to which must be added the existing ones on Avenida de Vicente Pérez Devesa.

Regarding the urban layout, in addition to the two sail-shaped towers already built, Toni Pérez has indicated that the construction of a residential tower has begun, to which another will soon be added. "There will also be - he specified - a hotel plot and a large public park" up to the limit of the Partial Plan 2/1. The sum of all these initiatives will suppose "the total clogging of the Poniente urbanization" that will await the development of PAU 2 El Murtal.

"Spectacular" for the neighbors

Christian Corraini, representing the residents, merchants and hoteliers of Poniente has shown his enthusiasm for the municipal action. “It is a new area of Benidorm” that “has surprised us a lot because what we have seen this morning is spectacular”. "We are going to say that it is a new city, as well as modern," he stressed. The neighboring representative has also recorded the speed of progress of the work.