Education opens the enrollment period for municipal nursery schools and SAPI on Monday

Due to the current circumstances, the filing of applications by telematic means will be preferred, and the face-to-face will necessarily require an appointment
Education opens the enrollment period for municipal nursery schools and SAPI on Monday.
Education opens the enrollment period for municipal nursery schools and SAPI on Monday.

The municipal network offers 198 vacancies from 0 to 2 years for the 2020/2021 academic year

The Department of Education of Benidorm City Council opens next Monday, May 18, the enrolment period to apply for a place in the three municipal nursery schools - Fontanelles, Les Caletes and El Tossalet - and in the Early Childhood Service ( SAPI) Nanets, corresponding to Early Childhood Education. The councilor of the area, Maite Moreno, has reported that "due to the exceptional situation of alarm state, the enrollment period has been delayed with respect to what was originally planned, although it will be managed quickly to comply with the usual calendar."

This same situation has led the Department of Education to “adapt the procedures to the current circumstances, establishing the telematic route as the preferred modality for the presentation of applications, although a face-to-face modality will also be articulated, which must be done by appointment to avoid crowds and movement of people ”.

For the next school year 2020/2021, 198  vacancies are offered from 0 to 2 years old for families with boys and girls born in 2018, 2019 and 2020. These vacancies are distributed in 16 places for 0-year-old children; 114, from P1, for students born in 2019; and 68 places for 2-year-old children.

As the mayor has transferred, the global offer of the three municipal nursery schools and the SAPI of Benidorm amounts to 366 places, although 168 school places are already occupied by minors enrolled in previous courses that have confirmed their enrollment and that in September will pass the grade.

The deadline for applications of "these 100% municipal places" ends on June 3.

In addition to the municipal offer, Benidorm has 72 'extra' P2 places, for boys and girls born in 2018, “that the Ministry of Education, with the collaboration of the City Council, enables in the following schools Aitana, Mestre Gaspar López , Vasco Núñez de Balboa and Puig Campana ”.

In this way, Benidorm offers for the three levels of kindergartens and Childhood Education 438 school positions between the exclusively municipal offer and the one provided by the Regional Goverment.


Application deadlines and procedure

As the telematic modality has already been indicated, through the web site of the City Council (, it will be the preferred way to present the enrollments . Once the electronic form is filled in by the family, the request must be sent electronically. Those people who do not have the means to submit the application electronically, may do so face to face at the municipal branches , although it is essential to make an appointment. In addition, a mixed electronic-face-to-face formula has been articulated in nursery schools and the SAPI, as long as there is no face-to-face activity with minors in the facilities. In any case, it will also be necessary to have an appointment.

People who electronically submit the application for a place will have five days to provide all the documentation by email to the center chosen as the first option. Those who opt for the face-to-face must provide it at that moment.

The opening hours in the municipal branches and in the nursery schools will be from 09:00 to 14:00 - with the exception of May 22 -, although it could be extended according to the situation.  The phone 630046880 will attend to possible questions about the telematic process and the documentation to be provided as well.

The provisional lists will be published on June 17, and families will be able to present claims until the 19th. On June 30, the definitive lists will be published and a period of three days will be opened to argue.

All the information related to this enrollment process can be found in the Education section of the municipal website:

Reopening of nursery schools, in Phase 2

On the possible reopening of nursery schools, the Councilor for Education recalled that "according to the restrictions lifting process announced by the Government of Spain, the return to classrooms in Education from 0 to 2 years would take place in Phase 2" . However, as he has emphasized, "it will be the Government who will confirm this question, and the Ministry of Education must establish how the activity resumes according to the guidelines set by the State."

In any case, “at the moment in Benidorm we are in Phase 1 and the change to the next  phase will depend on the evolution of the health situation in the Marina Baixa. Therefore, we cannot know with certainty when the municipal nursery schools will reopen; what we can anticipate is that the return to classrooms will be done once the health safety of minors and of the teaching staff is guaranteed ”.