Mobility expands the number of places in the 'Resident Zone' by incorporating a part of Mercasa and l'Aigüera

Government and technicians are already studying other neighborhoods in which to implement this parking space limited to neighbors, which now totals more than 2,000 places
Mobility expands the number of places in the 'Resident Zone' by incorporating a part of Mercasa and l'Aigüera.
Mobility expands the number of places in the 'Resident Zone' by incorporating a part of Mercasa and l'Aigüera.

Nearly 7,000 adhesive cards have already been delivered, and in less than a month there have been about 600 new registrations

Benidorm City has expanded the number of parking spaces in the 'Residents' Zone' by incorporating this part of the Mercasa parking lot and the upper part of L'Aigüera, as reported today by the Mobility councilor, José Ramón González of Zárate. Specifically, the places of " Mercasa closest to Foietes Park, which is the largest, have been incorporated; as well as the high stretch of l'Aigüera with Virgen del Rocío street, which is the access to the Fairground. " In this way, the 'Resident Zone' already adds "more than 2,000 parking spaces".

According to the data transferred by De Zárate, since last March 11, "more than 7,000 adhesive cards" have been distributed to the residents of Benidorm residents who pay their vehicle tax in the city.

The councillor has remarked that "residents are already perceiving the benefits of this measure implemented by the government team" which, in addition, has translated "into 589 new registrations." In this regard, he recalled that "we already said that the creation of the 'Resident Zone' was going to mean an increase in the municipal register." An issue that is not minor since "we want to reach the 75,000 registered inhabitants, because reaching that number implies receiving greater income and contributions from the supramunicipal administrations and with this, greatly improving the basic services of the city".

De Zárate has advanced that in view of the demand that the 'Resident Zone' is having, "this government team is already studying taking it to other neighborhoods of Benidorm". Thus, possible areas are being analyzed in Rincon de Loix, La Cala or Maravall and adjacent areas, attending to the claims of the neighbors.

In addition, "we have instructed the municipal technicians to redo all the documentation of the 'Green Zone' so that we can carry it out," thus facilitating that "drivers from outside of Benidorm can make use of these places by paying, as does in cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. " Meanwhile, the councilor recalled that in the vicinity of the 'Residents' Zone' there are more than 1,500 parking spaces in Mercasa, after the TRAM station, in Italy Street, Fairground, next to the bus station or in the vials surrounding the Foietes Park.

On the other hand, the councillor has indicated that "after almost two weeks since the start of the 'Resident Zone' the Local Police is already walking the streets with this type of parking by placing notices" with information on where you can get the adhesive card that authorizes parking in these places.

In this regard, he recalled that "until April 30" this sticker can be requested at the administrative extension of Colonia Madrid - Avenida Beniardá, 61-, Monday to Friday morning and afternoon - from 09:00 to 14:00 and from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm-, and on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. To access the card you must be registered in Benidorm, own a small car or van, and pay in the city the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles (ITVM). People who meet these three requirements can pick up the card by presenting their ID. In addition, for questions or incidents, the email has been enabled.
Finally, De Zárate has reported that from next week the Local Police will begin to denounce the vehicles parked in the 'Residents' Zone' that do not pay their circulation tax in the city. The sanctions will be those established in the municipal ordinance for parking in an unauthorized zone: 70 euros, 35 euros if paid within the voluntary payment period.