Benidorm enhances its Castle with ornamental lighting

The system allows the enclave to be illuminated in various shades, which will also serve to join the commemoration of ephemeris
The Castle shows new lighting.
The Castle shows new lighting.

Tonight it will wear the colors of the national flag joining the support to the health workers and in solidarity with the victims and those who fight against the Covid-19

The archaeological intervention for the recovery and enhancement of the Castle has been completed with the installation of ornamental lighting that will serve to enhance the importance of this historic complex, one of the most iconic and photographed enclaves in Benidorm. The Councilor for Historical Heritage, Ana Pellicer, explained that "given the uniqueness of the enclave and the historical and monumental value of the walls of the Castell, in planning the archaeological project we considered to highlight it by installing this type of lighting, which affects the small square and on the slope of Poniente at Punta Canfali so that enhances the beauty of the whole environment ”.

Pellicer has reported that "the placing of the 23 points of light has been determined based on a lighting study in which the geology of Punta Canfali and the archaeological component have been taken into account." Based on these considerations and with the supervision of the municipal technicians, "the projectors have been installed at key points to highlight the most interesting and significant hollows, archaeological remains or rocks." In addition, "being equipped with LED technology, consumption is much lower, resulting in energy efficiency."

The mayor, Toni Pérez, has detailed that "these points allow the light to be projected in different colors, a singularity that will allow us to mold the chromatic variety to the circumstances of each moment, and even illuminate our Castell in a certain color coinciding with outstanding ephemeris" . In this way, “the city of Benidorm may, from one of its most emblematic points, show its support for solidarity, social or other causes; or join the celebration of the most important days of the world, national, regional or local calendar ”.

In fact, and once the last tests were carried out yesterday, tonight the Castle will shine with the colors of the Spanish flag in "tribute to the health workers who continue working hard in a daily fight against Covid-19, and also as a signal of solidarity with the victims, their families and in support of those who continue to face the disease and those who wish the earliest recovery. "

Explanatory panels

The installation of artistic and monumental lighting completes the archaeological intervention in The Castle, which has allowed the remains of the fortification that rose above Punta Canfali to emerge, dating back to the second decade of the 14th century. Some remains that are now much more accessible thanks to the eight explanatory panels that collect the details of the construction and the activity of its inhabitants; and that from a pedagogical perspective they give greater visibility to the archaeological remains.

The panels are adjustable in height to make them accessible to all the public and they narrate in Spanish, English and Valencian the origins of the city; the details of the archaeological action with plans; the arrangement of the towers and other architectural elements such as the walls, the cistern or the trough; and all the information contained in the Wind Rose located in the small square of the Castle.

In addition, a model - also prepared for people with functional diversity - allows you to get an idea of ​​what the fortified enclosure was like.