The mayor of Benidorm, at the Executive Forum Spain

Toni Pérez exposes the management developed by Benidorm from the beginning of the pandemic and the action for the future
Toni Pérez
Toni Pérez

As he did in May 2017, the mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, has been the guest this morning at the opening session of the Executive Forum Spain in December

Presented by César Chiva de Agustín, professor at the Complutense and CEO of the Executive Forum of Spain, Toni Pérez has exposed the management that has been carried out in the city from the early stages of the pandemic and the day-to-day management during it, "Where data management has been fundamental to us", the mayor stressed, "to analyze the situation at all times and apply governance principles based on technology, innovation, sustainability and universal accessibility", the five axes of the DTI .

The decisions taken from minute one, the initial measures on "containment of spending, a fiscal summer to mitigate the economic burden on the social, business and productive fabric", the request for a Special Tourism Protection Plan, "industrial activity that it does not relocate ”, protocols and standards to be applied in all fields, a Grand National Pact for Tourism and firm and determined support for families and economic activities have been exposed by the mayor.

Toni Pérez influenced the change of the roadmap to Benidorm DTI + Safe highlighting the initiative "safe beaches, for everyone and every day" that has marked the summer complemented with the Patti Recovery, CovidON and Benidorm Beach Safety protocols that have made possible 2.4 million users of the beaches this summer with the maximum guarantees of security and capacity control. In this issue, the mayor recalled, the latest initiative is "the proposal for safe health corridors through Benidorm Island project" that the Government of Spain is already familiar with.

The mayor made special mention about direct aid to families and economic activities "to which we have already allocated more than 6.5 million euros", highlighting the 2.4 million euros that have already gone to families and lines aimed at commercial activity and productive sectors.

Toni Pérez has also pointed out the tax cuts in taxes, fees and public prices "which in some cases reach 75% or even exemption for one year" and has highlighted specific actions, such as 'Menjadors a casa' that "has delivered more of 88,000 weekly menus to schoolchildren ", various distributions of masks and" a volunteer program through the Collective Aid Network that was decisive at the beginning of the pandemic. "

The mayor of Benidorm has also highlighted the collaboration of the municipalities of Sun and Beach Alliance, pioneer destinations, and their consensual initiatives, the action with, adding projects, in the area of ​​technological innovation, "where Benidorm has already contributed to the Government of Spain the 40% that corresponded to it ", and the new materializations such as the EDUSI strategy and its first actions, Tourism Sustainability Plans and Tourism Accessibility Plan" that announce a chapter of municipal investments for 2021 of around 20 million euros ”.

"At no time has Benidorm stopped working and preparing for the future because what this pandemic has done is put the health of the world population at risk, not only to tourism and less the Benidorm model, which is the most resilient," the mayor concluded his exhibition.

In the turn of answers to the questions of those attending the telematic session, Toni Pérez pointed out the priority of his government team: "avoid the destruction of the socioeconomic fabric and manage to promote a rapid recovery of the city."

The mayor pointed out that “we need international tourism, air mobility and efficient road and rail connectivity”, noting that “the Costa Train, the Mediterranean Corridor and the connection by train with the airport would be essential”.

He regretted the lack of options for the closure of the IMSERSO Vacation Program and showed his conviction in the future thanks "to the hope that vaccines and treatments open to regain dynamism in society after Easter."

For Toni Pérez the accumulation of "bad news for freelancers increase" or the refusal to reduce the tourist VAT is a determining factor, and he highlighted the management of the municipal service concession companies that in this pandemic "have adapted their structures to the new reality and have developed new and more services than those contemplated ”.

The mayor concluded the telematic conference thanking the opportunity provided by the Executive Forum Spain to present “management and governance” and he encouraged the attendees by telematic means to enjoy Benidorm, “the place of Happiness”.