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Hidraqua and Technical Services have been developing since 2020 a set of actions for the proper functioning of the collector system to avoid damage to beaches

The ravines and the city of Benidorm, ready to face autumn and the ‘cold front’

31 August 2021
Los barrancos y la ciudad de Benidorm, listos para afrontar el otoño y las ‘gotas frías’

De Zárate asks to attend to the indications on flooded areas and demands from the Generalitat the 2019 agreement - not yet executed - in Castellón-Ametlla de Mar

"Few cities as prepared as Benidorm." This is how forceful the Councilor for Public Space José Ramón González de Zárate has been, who has announced that the ravines of Benidorm are ready to face episodes of ‘cold fronts’ in urban sections that are under municipal jurisdiction.
De Zárate has highlighted that work is carried out throughout the year, although this action is intensified during the month of August, and has influenced “the great work of the concessionaire -Hidraqua-, the Municipal Technical Services and the investment factor made in the last years ”as key elements.
Thus, the anti-storm tank on Avenida Mediterráneo has stood out "that derives flows to the waste network, ensuring that the first dirty waters do not reach the beach" of Levante, and "the diversion conduction of the waters from Barranco Barceló to that of L' 'Aigüera, by Esperanto street ”. Regarding this action, he has pointed out "the digitized system" that controls the gates that either "send water to the tank or divert it to Orts Llorca and Esperanto streets, depending on the flow."
The councilor has also highlighted the importance of the action in Zamora street consisting of the "improvement of drainage to avoid the damming that occurred, cutting the street and which has been carried out with renovation funds from Benidorm City Council." De Zárate recalled that it is in the area where "the Generalitat is expected to begin the works of Rincón de Loix Health Center that should begin in September."
González de Zárate has emphasized the actions carried out since March 2020, when the lock down and reduced mobility phases, "in Poniente Area by the developer TM over Vela Blanca and Racharell ravines" that act on these possible flows, and claimed works and actions with projects and bidding phases.
In this chapter he highlighted the performance "of Barranco Barceló, between Orozco and Avenida Juan Fuster Zaragoza through new lines of financing" and Emilio Ortuño "as a closure of Barranco Barceló complex, deriving all the flow to l 'Aigüera".
He also indicated that the Costas agency "has been asked for permission to carry out drainage of the Marine Environment, through pumping, so that dirty waters do not reach the beaches", noting that this work will be undertaken "with a grant from the Provincial Council ”; and "with European funds" another on Barranco del Murtal for the same purposes.
De Zárate took advantage of to make a claim on the issue of the waste treatment plant, as he did yesterday in plenary session: the execution of the work of the agreement signed with the Generalitat Valenciana to execute Castellón-Ametlla de Mar-Mediterráneo, "the most weak of Benidorm ”, an agreement that, he recalled,“ is not even tendered and is a claim of Benidorm ”. De Zárate asked the Generalitat "to think about the city of Benidorm and the beaches of Benidorm" to avoid situations that affect them. The agreement, he insisted, “was signed in 19, although since 17 we have been negotiating with them; They had to have started in 2020 and at this time it was completely finished and they have not started, nor tendered u and we know absolutely nothing ”.
The councilor also pointed out, on the issue of rainwater, the actions of Roma Street, with a first section already executed between Ametlla de Mar and Stockholm and a second, in execution, from Stockholm to Montecarlo, "redirecting all the waters that come down from Sierra Helada al Barranco Barceló ”. In recent days, the councilor pointed out, "he is checking scuppers, with a Cuban truck, so that they are operational and we avoid mishaps".
De Zárate concluded by noting that “very good water and stormwater management is being done”, for which he “thanked the work” of Hidraqua, Technical Services and the cleaning concessionaire, Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas. Here he pointed out the diligence in the actions of the municipal teams and the concessionaires in the face of problems, highlighting "the rapid performance in Severo Ochoa in less than 36 hours."
Finally, De Zárate pointed out that although the city has its infrastructures prepared for the eventuality of meteorological phenomena and given that we are entering a time where DANA episodes can develop - “cold front”, the councilor asked for “prudence” and that residents and visitors “ pay attention to the signs ”that warn on public roads“ avoiding circulating and parking in flood-prone areas, such as Murtal and Toledo street ”and also pay attention to the messages that may be issued about emergencies on Social Networks and Benidorm City Council website.

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