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Benidorm Fest will have great prominence in Malmö with a gala with 300 guests that was presented today in Madrid

Benidorm will celebrate a great Euroclub party in Julio Iglesias auditorium on the occasion of the Eurovision Song Contest

03 April 2024
Benidorm celebrará en el auditorio Julio Iglesias una gran fiesta del Euroclub con motivo del Festival de Eurovisión

This Friday the new version of 'Zorra' by Nebulossa and Gloria Trevi premieres on streaming platforms

Julio Iglesias Auditorium in Parque de l'Aigüera will host a great party from the Benidorm Fest Euroclub on May 11 to mark the celebration of the Eurovision Song Contest in the Swedish city of Malmö. An event, that Benidorm, organized jointly by RTVE, Benidorm City Council, the Generalitat Valenciana and Fotur. Benidorm once again expresses its support for the contest and will bring together several thousand 'Eurofans' before, during and after the broadcast of the largest European musical event.

The party, which was announced today in Madrid, will begin at 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 11 and will feature several already confirmed artists such as Blanca Paloma, Sofía Martín, José Otero, Noan, Mantra, Sharonne and Sofía Coll among others. There will also be the performance of several DJs and giant screens to follow the performances and the Eurovision Song Contest.

In addition, in Parque de l'Aigüera, there will be areas for 'FanZone', 'Food truck', merchandising and relaxation so that attendees can enjoy the shows to the fullest.

The events scheduled for Eurovision 2024 were also presented today in the capital of Spain, in which Benidorm Fest will have a great role, as well as the agenda of the Alicante duo that will represent Spain.

Benidorm Fest Euroclub

The first event will be on Wednesday, May 8 at the Inkonst room in Malmö, starting at 7 p.m., with three artists from the three editions of Benidorm Fest as guests: Varry Brava, Miss Caffeina and Sharonne.

María Eizaguirre, director of Communication and Participation at RTVE, has indicated that the objective is for the “Benidorm Fest's family to accompany Nebulossa” on its way to Malmö. Furthermore, “it is important for the festival to build an international story so that the work being done is recognized outside.”

For his part, Jesús Carrobles, Councilor for Events at the Benidorm City Council, has agreed with that same idea and said that “this brand that we started two years ago could not remain only at the Benidorm Fest. We have to consolidate the image and start selling ourselves outside of Spain”, which is what is sought with the Malmö Euroclub. As for the Benidorm Euroclub, he explained that it will be held in a much more comfortable venue, with free entry and giant screens to follow the final. “Hopefully we can celebrate Nebulossa's triumph,” he added.

Mery Bas and Mark Dasousa, members of Nebulossa, have detailed the emotion they feel about the path they have travelled so far, with their trips to Miami and New York and their collaboration with Gloria Trevi. “We are infinitely grateful for all this” they indicated. “Performing at Benidorm Fest was already a gift. And at Eurovision we hope to be in a good position because there are many people behind all this," they stressed.

On her side, the singer Blanca Paloma has expressed “her experience from the other side and being able to support them from Benidorm.” Regarding the experience and advice, she highlighted the importance of “arriving at Malmö with energy. This path will nourish you a lot.”

For her part, Sofía Coll said she was “delighted to return to Benidorm, support Nebulossa and live it with all the intensity.” Sofía Martín agreed with the desire to “reconnect with all the people in Benidorm.” Finally, José Otero believed that is “a great proposal to celebrate Eurovision, to present our projects and continue promoting our music.”

Premiere of ‘Zorra’ with Nebulossa and Gloria Trevi

Several Eurovision milestones will mark the month of April before the start of the Festival. The first of them will be this Friday, April 5, the date of the premiere on streaming platforms of the version of 'Zorra' that Nebulossa and Gloria Trevi recorded in Miami in February.

The duo and the Mexican artist already offered a preview, live before 6,000 people, on the stage of the famous Radio City Music Hall in New York on March 15, a milestone in the promotion of a Spanish candidacy for Eurovision, which it has crossed the Atlantic for the first time to become known among the Latin American public.

Upcoming European events

After the PrePartyES held this past weekend in Madrid where Nebulossa was the host of the international Eurovision delegations, the duo presses the accelerator in the final stretch of their road to Malmö. Thus, their next performances will be this Saturday, April 6, at Barcelona Eurovision Party, and on Sunday the 7th, at London Eurovision Party. They will also perform at the Eurovision Concert in Amsterdam on April 13 and in Stockholm on April 14 at the first edition of the Nordic Eurovision Party. And on April 26, they will close the European tour in Rome.

Nebulossa Farewell Party

Before the last stop in Italy and a few days before the Spanish delegation travels to Malmö, RTVE will offer a free concert in Madrid on April 22 to say goodbye to Nebulossa in style. It will be in Albéniz theatre, where the Alicante residents will be supported on stage by St. Pedro, Angy Fernández, Jorge González, Almácor and Sofía Coll and will receive the support of the fans and followers of the Festival.