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'Benidorm Land' goes one step further and opens the doors to the organization of congresses and events in the new spaces recreated in the virtual world

Benidorm grows in the metaverse: beaches, congress hall, tourist office and Mediterráneo Avenue

18 January 2023
Feria Fitur en Madrid.

Professionals and the general public will be able to live the experience and test the tool at the Fitur stand
Since its launch, users spend an average of more than 9 minutes inside 'Benidorm Land'

Benidorm begins Fitur 2023 fully immersed in the metaverse. 'Benidorm Land', the virtual world created by the SIX3D platform and which was launched in the middle of last year, "grows and does so by incorporating three new spaces in which the user can interact", according to what the mayor has transferred today, Tony Perez.

On the opening day of the first major fair event of the year, Toni Pérez remarked that "Benidorm once again positions itself at the forefront of innovation in tourism, deepening its commitment to the metaverse and exponentially multiplying the experience it brings available to the user so that, without leaving home, he knows and discovers the destination as a step before his trip”.

Toni Pérez highlighted that “in the first hours of the fair it is already being seen that the metaverse is one of the great promotional bets; a metaverse to which the rest of the destinations are now reaching and in which Benidorm already has an important path covered, which has allowed us to start this year 2023 offering users the possibility of enjoying four unique spaces in the city, to which that in the coming months we will add more”. It is, therefore, "a dynamic project in continuous expansion, and in which the user experience grows and enriches at the same rate as the spaces available in 'Benidorm Land'".

The mayor stressed that "innovation and technology are two of the axes of the Smart Tourist Destination and Benidorm, as the first certified DTI, is always attentive to new trends, being in many cases a center for testing and operations of pilot tourism innovation projects ”. “In that constant demand to be at the forefront of innovation, more than a year ago we saw that the metaverse was an opportunity, still unexplored in tourism terms at that time, and we bet on it; a disruptive bet that, given the movement of the rest of the destinations, we know that it was successful ”, he specified.

From now on, in addition to touring Benidorm beach - an option available from mid-2022 -, the users of this tool "will also be able to walk along our renewed Avenida del Mediterráneo and reach the foot of the iconic 'techno-landmark', visit our central tourist office and access to the smaller room of the cultural center, the new congress space of our city”. “And once inside each of these spaces, they will be able to interact with that environment in various ways,” he added.

Thus, users who access the tourist office "will be assisted by avatars and will be able to follow video projections about the destination on the screens located in these facilities or obtain information about the different tourist products in Benidorm through the QR codes located in the office totem poles.

With the recreation of the hall of the cultural center, explained the mayor, "the opportunity opens for Benidorm to celebrate concerts, congresses, and all kinds of events in the SIX3D Metaverse, thus entering one of the niches with the most projection in this new virtual universe, where the real and the virtual go together”.

Also with the experience of Mediterráneo Avenue, "we will delve into the possibility of holding events or concerts at street level".

This an experience that professionals and the general public who visit Fitur from today until Sunday, the 22nd, will be able to try and live, thanks to the immersive virtual reality glasses that have been installed at the Benidorm stand.

The mayor and the president of the Hosbec hotel association, Fede Fuster, have been among the first to use these glasses and immerse themselves in the new spaces that 'Benidorm Land' already offers. Throughout the morning, dozens of people have participated in the metaverse experience at the 'stand', "a world with which generations Z -born at the beginning of the 21st century- and Alpha -born from 2010-, especially those that move in the 'gamer' field, but that these days users of all ages will be able to test, since the phenomenon of digitization reaches more and more segments of the population ”.

Toni Pérez has had an impact on "the promotion potential of this augmented and immersive reality tool" and "on the opportunity it represents to reach more than 140 million users on STEAM", the gaming platform where the metaverse will operate in 2023 of 'Benidorm Land'. In fact, "other regional and national destinations are gradually joining the path that Benidorm inaugurated, which, following our lead, also want to explore the tourist possibilities and opportunities offered by this technology and to do so using the same platform with which we We broke into the metaverse."

The mayor reported that since its launch 'Benidorm Land' has received close to 15,000 views, and the average usage time per user has been 9.62 minutes. "An average time -he stressed- that will increase considerably from now on, once we have expanded the spaces drawn and, with it, multiplied the experiential possibilities for the user".
'Benidorm Land' can be downloaded on the web

What is SIX3D?

SIX3D is a platform for the generation, distribution, and consumption of 3D content that allows any user to design their content and later integrate it into the platform. The union of all those experiences is the metaverse that exists.

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