sequia mare

Benidorm City Council has today decreed the closure of the outdoor fitness areas for the elder population, playground

26 Jan 2021

Séquia Mare Park in Benidorm will have a youth hostel, a camping area and an interpretation center; a project include

11 Jan 2021

Benidorm City Council has complemented the surroundings of the Séquia Mare Park, which was available to the public a

8 Jul 2019

Benidorm City Council today has opened Séquia Mare Park, more than 62,000 square meters located next to the Valencian

23 May 2019

Tomorrow Saturday, at 12.00 noon, the book 'Séquia Mare' will be presented at the municipal building of El Torrejó.

4 Feb 2019

The municipal building of El Torrejó has been the stage where, today at noon, the book 'Séquia Mare.

4 Feb 2019