Descripción de la Concejalía de Juventud

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The 'Digital Photography Course' in its third edition

Ana Pellicer stressed that in this year's 'Digital Photography Course' will have the collaboration of the local profe

18 Feb 2016
The assembly hall hosts the project # Optimiza16 organizes by the Province Council of Alicante

The objective of these meetings is to work together to join forces and take advantage of synergies between all munici

16 Feb 2016
Youth department awards the prizes for the XXVII New Creators Contest

This morning have been awarded the prizes of the XXVII edition of the New Creators Contest that since September 3 was

29 Jan 2016
Makeup course organized by the Youth department

The contents of the program are: 'Techniques associated with makeup', 'The face and its geometry', 'Techniques to stu

21 Jan 2016
32 artists participate in the 'XXVII New Creators Contest '

The exhibition was inaugurated by the Councillor for Youth, Ana Pellicer, accompanied by José Romeu, the youth coordi

18 Jan 2016
Youth department organizes a course about rescue missions in collapsed structures

Pellicer detailed that this theoretical and practical course lasts 30 hours, priced at 40 euros, and taught by "a ful

13 Jan 2016


Responsables de la concejalía

Sr. D. Jaime Jesús Pérez Esteban
Sr. D. Jaime Jesús Pérez Esteban
Cultura, Juventud y Patrimonio