Mobility and Traffic

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Local police will intensify checks on public transport vehicles that perform irregular services

The campaign has no end date, as it is a problem of "unfair competition" that it is kept alive in time, despite the e

17 Jan 2013

The bus single ticket costs 1,45 euros in Benidorm during daytime and 1,60 night time.

10 Jan 2013

This is a personal card for regular users, who use intensively urban transport; it is valid for periods of 30 days fr

7 Jan 2013

Los cortes se producirán desde las 10:30 horas hasta la finalización del evento, que se prevé sea a las 13:00 horas.

28 Dec 2012


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Sr. D. José Ramón González de Zárate Unamuno
Sr. D. José Ramón González de Zárate Unamuno
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