A study of Pedro Zaragoza Chair confirms theories about German tourism

The mayor points out that according to the data we know that they come, what they look for and what they want
A study of Pedro Zaragoza Chair confirms theories about German tourism.
A study of Pedro Zaragoza Chair confirms theories about German tourism.

Toni Pérez stresses that Benidorm is the model that best redistributes the wealth of tourism

This morning the statistical results of a survey on the German tourism market that Likert, a recent Alicante start up, for the Chair of Tourist Studies Pedro Zaragoza Orts have been presented within the work proposals contemplated for this exercise at the initiative of the employers: Hosbec, Visit Benidorm, Invat.tur and Department of Tourism of the City of Benidorm.

Toni Pérez, accompanied by the director of the chair, Jorge Pereira, and the director of Likert, Carlos Mora, has presented the statistical descriptive study focusing on the issue of German tourism “because it is part of our ideology, since one day it vanished; but it has always been a market in which Benidorm has set its sights ”.

"We know that there are German tourists in Benidorm," said the mayor, and, now, with this work "we have better data to influence the key issues to increase it and direct our promotion objectives at source."

He reviewed the trajectory of German tourism in Benidorm since Christian Fisher, in 1803, recommended “spending 3 or 4 days in Benidorm”, to the most recent tourism initiatives in the 50s of Fredo Marvelli or businessman Kurt Braum, very present in the local imaginary.

The director of the Chair of Tourism Studies Pedro Zaragoza, Jorge Pereira, thanked the trust placed in the University "to develop research in the area of ​​tourism that can report knowledge to the sector to develop strategies."

For his part, from Likert Advanced Social Research, Carlos Mora expressed his gratitude to Hosbec and Visit Benidorm for completing the research and stressed that it is “a statistical descriptive study with tabulation of data that can be used in subsequent investigations. Designed in the month of July, the study has been carried out in three waves - August, September and October - of stratified surveys “of a market that was not monitored and is opaque by habits and activities”. But now we know that “95% use the airport and come mainly from western Germany; they are mainly families with children and couples who show high satisfaction in their travels to the Costa Blanca ”.

From Hosbec, its secretary general, Nuria Montes, has highlighted the interest of this study because “the German market is the second in the airport and we had to confirm our theories about its behavior”, while expressing gratitude to those responsible for the airport - Tomás Melgar and Laura Navarro, now- for facilitating the study.

From Visit Benidorm, Leire Bilbao, has stressed that "the data emanating from this study allow us a very high field of intervention and now we are going to focus on the segments and areas that we can attract with our product".

And again the mayor, stressing the present stressed that before the data we now handle on German tourism "we are more attractive." And for the promotion vector, Toni Pérez said that we will be “wherever there is the possibility of growing, attracting new tourists and offering this new 21st century Benidorm”.

The mayor insisted that what encourages the German market to work more is that there is air connectivity and now we know what moves them to travel to this destination. “We have an important fact and that is that they do not shy away from the offer of Benidorm and it is a line that within the Visit Benidorm Foundation we will raise to see to what extent we are interested in addressing direct promotional actions.”

Toni Pérez concluded by emphasizing, without facing models, on a key issue: “when you choose Benidorm, you are going to the model that best distributes wealth, on the planet, in the tourism field: the model that generates employment, which generates consumption and assets that are economy by themselves. ” In that defense of the hotel accommodation model of Benidorm, the mayor said: "The profitability of a tourist who comes to Benidorm is much more important for society than those that can lead to other modalities."