MostCongres20 in Benidorm analyzes the latest trends in digital marketing and SEO

Toni Pérez highlights the importance of private public collaboration and celebrates the participation of hotel companies in Benidorm
MostCongres20 in Benidorm analyzes the latest trends in digital marketing and SEO.
MostCongres20 in Benidorm analyzes the latest trends in digital marketing and SEO.

The novelties, which we will see in 2020, are in the emergence of voice, chatbots and the development of machine learning

At 9 this morning, MostCongress20 has been inaugurated, the first national congress specialized in digital marketing for the tourism sector that, with the collaboration of Visit Benidorm, has been organized in Benidorm Hosteltur and Webpositer with the best cast of SEO experts in the sector and Melià, Ibrostar and Artiem hotel chains.

After the presentation of the day by Manuel Molina, co-founder and managing partner of Hosteltur, the official opening of MostCongress20 was carried out by the mayor of Benidorm who described the day that was going to take place in the Assembly Hall of the City Council as “powerful, attractive , dynamic and full of interest ”before the panel of speakers, who thanked“ the opportunity they provided to transfer knowledge to learn from the best ”.

Toni Pérez stressed that "Benidorm has worked hard to position itself and be the first certified DTI in the world and is always willing to learn to position itself better" and thus "be able to transfer the relevance of digital transformation to citizens." He thanked Hosteltur and Webpositer for the opportunity to arrive with “the news of the segment and the advantages of a better web positioning to those who attend live and to those who do it for Europe and Latin America through streaming”.

The mayor encouraged to take advantage of this day “in which we all learn by seeing where you are going”, stressed the importance of public-private collaboration and wished the attendees and those who follow the congress on the web to “enjoy this city which is here to make everyone happy. ” He insisted, regarding the congress, that "when you do things, things happen" and pointed out as a local objective "to improve the training of our professionals in all fields of the future; and in Tourism and hospitality, more ”.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the three groups of the Corporation.

The councilors of Innovation, Aida García Mayor and Mónica Gómez, of Local Development, together with the mayor, have followed the development of the technical day that shortly after starting was already in the Top5 of the national Trending Topic, and ascending, with more than three thousand twits generated by the attendees and followers of the congress in the middle of the morning.

The panel of speakers includes specialists like Elia Guardiola and Ana Henao, managers Javier Jiménez and Pau Siquier, SEO managers Iñaki Tovar, Iván Caparrós, Víctor Mayans, Ignacio Ochoa, Alfonso Pérez, Juan González, Carlos Cendra, Sergio Simarrop and Luís Villanueva, along with the directives María Romero and María Sánchez

The first presentations have dealt with the proposals that will transform the sector in the coming months of this year 2020 and that in a disruptive way will focus on reservations through the mobile terminal, the importance of the voice in intelligence issues - “225 million people use it as a virtual assistant and 50% of searches are already done by voice ”, said Manuel Molina-, the optimization of chatbots, interactive video, the downward trend of influencers and the effective management of networks Social "with 6.110 million users" today.

The congress will be closed this afternoon, after the exhibition of SEO and experiential marketing examples.