Mobility reorders traffic in Juan Fuster Zaragoza, which gains parking and becomes one-way

These changes will also allow reconverting the garbage collection from side loading to rear loading, solving the problems of odors and dirt
José Ramón González de Zárate, councillor of Mobility.
José Ramón González de Zárate, councillor of Mobility.

This measure will be extended soon to other streets

Benidorm City Council will reorder next week the configuration and traffic of Juan Fuster Zaragoza avenue taking advantage of the recent resurfacing of this road, included in the remodeling project of Ametlla del Mar. As explained by the councilman of Mobility, José Ramón González de Zárate, starting on Thursday, July 18, Juan Fuster Zaragoza Avenue will be one-way traffic, with entrance through Ametlla del Mar and exit by Almirall Bernat de Sarrià. In addition, the circulation will be limited to a single lane, while the second lane will now become a parking area.

De Zárate has clarified that these changes have also been outlined in anticipation of the future construction of the new health center of Rincón de Loix on Zamora Street.

The new configuration will also involve "changes in the garbage collection system, which will no longer be side loading to move to rear cargo", eliminating the fixed containers of public roads. The elimination of these side-loading containers -36 in total- will put an end to "problems of dirt and odors", and together with battery parking, will allow "to gain seats in an area with a parking deficit".

The councilor has pointed out that the owners of Juan Fuster Zaragoza will be given a reasonable period of time to have the rear cargo containers available. Therefore, "from Monday and approximately two weeks the collection of garbage in Juan Fuster Zaragoza will be mixed", in such a way that "the rear loading truck and also the lateral loading truck will enter".

De Zárate has advanced that "the reconversion of the garbage collection of lateral load to rear will be extended soon to other streets of Benidorm".

Asphalt on Ametlla del Mar Avenue this Friday

In the same press conference, the councilman of Mobility has reported that within the work of remodeling of Ametlla del Mar Avenue is scheduled for this Friday, July 12, paved the causeway of this road between London Street and Mediterráneo Avenue . This supposes, "practically all the stretch of Ametlla del Mar that remained to be paved", with the exception of a small area at the height of Roma Street, where an action is being carried out that affects the hydraulic network.

New traffic lights in Comunidad Valenciana

Out of Rincón de Loix, the council has announced that in brief dates will be put into operation three new traffic light at the crossings of Comunidad Valenciana Avenue, specifically at the height of Camí del Salt de l'Aigua, El Fariner and El Palasiet . These crossings are added to those that already work in Séquia Mare, Camí del Armanello and 'El Estanquet'

The aim of all these traffic lights is to "reduce the speed with which vehicles normally travel on this avenue" -limited "to 40 kilometers to be an urban road" - and thereby "also reduce the accident rate." De Zárate has indicated that with this measure "we respond to the request of the residents of La Huerta, who had moved us that they had difficulties to get up from their homes to the Valencian Community avenue, due to the important traffic that this road supports and the speed with the that the majority of drivers circulate, who do not respect the limitations ".

The councilor has specified that these traffic light crossings will be operational as soon as the corresponding horizontal signaling is finished and the speed reducers included in the 'Cyclist Ring' project are completed.