The City Council activates the platform for prior appointment for procedures of the Register

Sports launches reservation and registration system for sports facilities
The City Council activates the platform for prior appointment for procedures of the Register.
The City Council activates the platform for prior appointment for procedures of the Register.

On Tuesday the 8th, the Pre-Appointment platform will be active to carry out procedures related to the Register, through which it is possible to request a face-to-face appointment at Benidorm City Council offices and at the municipal administrative extensions of Els Tolls-Salt de l ' Aigua, La Cala and Rincón de Loix.

The EAM of Foietes-Colonia Madrid will continue, for now, with appointments through the telephone number 012 of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Thus, from zero hours on Tuesday, September 8, through this new service, requests for prior appointments for the Register can be processed through the municipal website (

The mechanics are simple. The page must be displayed to the Prior Appointment box, where the interested party must click. A window will then be displayed indicating the three available Register operations: certificate, movement or flyer.

Depending on the document that is needed, the user will click on it and a new screen will open showing boxes of the administrative extensions -Els Tolls-Salt de l'Aigua, La Cala and Rincón de Loix - and of the central offices of the City Council of Benidorm.

By clicking on the chosen administrative center, a new window of time appointments will open, being able to select by days and hours; in green, those available.

Once the date and time have been selected, a new screen is displayed in which the interested party must indicate their name, mobile phone and e-mail, sending the request from the 'confirm' button.

Then, the screen will indicate if the appointment has been made correctly, showing the name, date and time, place, service and a pager, essential to be able to make the appointment at the office on the day and time indicated.

If the agenda requires validation to confirm the appointment, in the previous step you will be sent an email with a code that must be inserted, if required to confirm the appointment.

New sports reservation and registration system

Also starting tomorrow, the Department of Sports launches a new reservation and registration system for the use of its sports facilities, through the link This system can also be accessed through the municipal website by accessing the Sports Department and from there to the ‘Reservations and Registration’ section. Users who were already registered in the previous system, must log in with their user number (DNI with letter) and password (DNI without letter). The rest of the users must first register in order to process their reservation.