Benimov will turn Benidorm into a showcase of sustainability and mobility in the cities of the future

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Benimov will turn Benidorm into a showcase of sustainability and mobility in the cities of the future.
Benimov will turn Benidorm into a showcase of sustainability and mobility in the cities of the future.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, together with the president of Aico, Raúl Parra, have presented this morning the first edition of the event on Urban Mobility, Vehicles and Sustainable Technology that will be held in Benidorm, from September 12 to 15, prior to the European Mobility Week, which will take place from September 16 to 22.

The Department of Commerce and Mobility have joined the organization of the event. The councillors, Lorenzo Martínez and José Ramón González de Zárate, accompanied the mayor in an event attended by the sponsors Unibail Rodamco Westfield, Sala Hermanos Volkswagen, Hyundai Leuka Car and Automobiles Gomis Renault, as well as the representatives of the collaborating companies: Iberdrola, Tesla, Ariema, Ideal Tours, Hi-Speed, Oko Business and Avanza.

Being a national reference as a Smart Tourist Destination, said Toni Pérez, “forces us to be in constant renewal applying technology, such as Public Administration, to guarantee the sustainability of the city, which is that of the destination, and of the planet”. Aspect that also implies citizenship.

Benidorm, said Toni Pérez, is a “friendly and respectful place, committed to the Environment and sustainability as the axis of governance” and with Benimov, Benidorm becomes the “showcase of sustainability and mobility of the cities of the future”.

Aico, together with CHao (Chance & Choice, has been working for the last two years to achieve a first level event that will bring together a fair, in which fifteen companies with seventeen vehicles in exhibition, a forum of experts, a Leisure area with virtual simulators of Formula E and a circuit for the test of vehicles (Test & Drive) Raúl Parra highlighted “Benidorm deserves an event of these characteristics” that boosts the commercial life of the city and exhibits the latest in New Technologies in mobility and accessibility

"The events have a power of attraction," said Toni Pérez, referring to the commitment that Aico poses, organizing this event, to bet on MICE tourism with the organization of the Forum.

Benimov will present technological innovations, such as vehicles with hydrogen batteries, and will exhibit the novelties of the main brands including the uniqueness of exhibiting a Tesla Roadster, “of which there are only four models in Europra; It’s like the one Elon Musk’s firm launched into space in February 2018, ”said Raúl Parra.

From Chao, its founder, Antonio Pérez Collar, highlighted the importance of the Forum that will be held in the Assembly Hall of the City Council and that Timoteo de la Fuente, General Secretary of New Industrial Sector Policies, will open, with the Emmaus Emma Navarro closing for the closing ceremony , vice president of the European Investment Bank. Between the two, throughout Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th, the thematic roundtables of Sustainability, Mobility, Load and Innovation Networks and Megatrends will be developed, as well as those that will revolve around the novelties and projects of the brands or those that The professors David Clar (“The vision of the user”, in electric vehicles) and Armando Ortuño (“Toll or no toll on the highway?” will be raised from the universities Miguel Hernández and Alicante).

Toni Pérez highlighted the traditional link between Benidorm and the major automotive brands and congresses presenting their innovations that have traditionally been held: "Benidorm is a national flag in the presentation of vehicles to dealerships on a recurring basis", highlighting that “We continue working this segment” in which Benimov is another level.

The mayor concluded by congratulating Aico on this initiative.

Companies and companies participating in Benimov’2019: Volkswagen, Renault, Hyundai, Mercedes-Smart, Tesla, BMW, Mini, Brigmton, Sedway, Skateflash, Xiaomi, Deprotech, Iberdrola and Cubierta Solar.