Benidorm's beaches now have two million users

A survey among beach users this summer indicates that 86'1% were satisfied with the subdivision
Benidorm's beaches now have two million users.
Benidorm's beaches now have two million users.

The beaches of Benidorm have today added the figure of two million users since their reopening on June 15. This is clear from the data provided by the concession company for the integral management of the beaches, RA Benidorm, at the 33 access points to the Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas beaches. The Councilor for Beaches, Mónica Gómez, has indicated her satisfaction with the figure reached and reiterated the priority objective of this initiative has been “the sanitary safety of the users and the beach staff through the effective control of capacity and a reorganization and modulation of the availability in beaches that will guarantee the distances and the enjoyment of our sandy areas ”.

Benidorm Beach safety, highlighted the councilor, is manifested as "a scalable reality to meet the objective of having safe beaches, for everyone and every day", in which users of the beaches of Benidorm "enjoy them in freedom and feel protected ”.

Just a month ago, on August 6, the beaches of Benidorm reached their first million users in this phase of a new reality implemented from the incidence of covid.

For months, in June, between the 15th, the opening date of organized and controlled beaches through the implementation of the Benidorm Beach Safety protocols of the Benidorm DTI + Seguro initiative, and on the 30th, 132,393 users enjoyed the sandy beaches of Benidorm . In the month of July, 694,240 users were reached. In August the million users (1,042,142) were surpassed with five days with records of more than 40,000 users, August 15 being the day with the highest occupancy of the beaches of Benidorm with 43,610 registered users. In the first six days of September, 126,522 users were counted, placing the total count of users of Benidorm's beaches since June 15 at 1,995,297, with which today there will be more than two million users a through the capacity systems that count user entries.

Subject to capacity control are the users of the beaches who use the 7,196 plots of 16 m2 with which Covid are ordered in this stage on the beaches of Benidorm. People who access the beach to go for a walk in the morning (7 a.m. to 8.45 p.m.) and those who access the beach solely and exclusively to bathe, contribute a higher figure.

Taking advantage of the Benidorm Beach Safety device and platform, the Benidorm City Council in collaboration with the concessionary company of beach services and VisitBenidorm has carried out a survey of users in order to know the opinion of the users and improve the services offered and the safety and hygiene measures adopted.

From 3,023 surveys answered, it is found that 29.1% of users were very concerned about the incidence of covid and 71% had a high level of concern.

Thus, 49.3% of users described themselves as very satisfied with the subdivision system implemented on the beaches of Benidorm, compared to 4'7 who were very dissatisfied. More than 81% said they were satisfied compared to 7% who were not.

Regarding the reservation process, 47.2% considered it positive compared to 24.1% who positioned themselves against, highlighting that 19.4% positioned as very satisfactory compared to 14.3%.

Regarding the attention of the staff of the Benidorm Beach Safety program, 48.1% declared themselves very satisfied, compared to 2.3% who considered themselves unsatisfactory.

Regarding the safety offered by the model applied on the beaches of Benidorm, 70% considered it satisfactory, with 33% rating it as very satisfactory, compared to 3.1% who gave it the lowest rating.

Finally, the survey was interested in the continuity of the implanted model in order to see the Covid19 incidence eliminated and the traditional tourist and leisure activity resumed. Thus, 40.8% of those who responded to the survey declared themselves in favor of maintaining the system in its integrity, 34.8% declared themselves in favor of maintaining only the subdivision of the beaches and 24.4% were in favor of its withdrawal once the pandemic and its incidence are over.

In the suggestion and improvement section, users point out multiple aspects related to the full day shift, the possibility of smoking on the beaches, the distance to the bathing area, the number of hammocks, cleaning issues, the use of masks in walks along the shore of the beach, the recovery of unoccupied plots that were available again, restrictions on sports practices, the breadth of the walking area next to the water line and the specific difficulty of accessing the web. There have also been numerous congratulations for the implementation of the system, the functioning of the bathing area, the accessible beaches, the attention of the staff, the lifeguard system and the police presence.

In view of the data emanating from the survey and the analysis thereof, Mayor Toni Pérez has highlighted "the excellent functioning of the system applied in Benidorm, which has made it possible to control capacity and offer the enjoyment of our beaches to two million people. users, allowing them to do so with the best personal safety conditions ”. The mayor thanked users for their understanding "who have adapted to the conditions of management, access controls and capacity, as well as health control measures."

In addition, Pérez stressed, "Benidorm has been able to offer for the first time in history exact gauges on its beaches, maintaining services and benefits for better enjoyment of the sandy areas and bathing areas."

The mayor emphasized "the effort made this year by this City Council in personnel for capacity services, first aid, police and cleaning", thanking the work that these personnel continue to carry out on the beaches of Benidorm.

Finally, Pérez pointed out that the data from this survey will be very taken into account since, without a doubt, "they endorse the set of measures for a DTI + Safe Benidorm and especially the Benidorm Beach Safety initiative".