Benidorm launches a new plan for the repair of damages on public roads

The mayor asks the neighborhood council for collaboration to develop the project in the neighborhoods
Benidorm launches a new plan for the repair of damages on public roads.
Benidorm launches a new plan for the repair of damages on public roads.
This plan is endowed with 400,000 euros

The Department of Urban Scene has launched a new "shock plan" for the repair of damage to public roads, especially those that affect sidewalks, curbs or recesses, as reported today by the mayor, Toni Pérez. This plan of conservation, maintenance and renovation of the urban scene is endowed with 400,000 euros, and will be awarded in the coming days in response to the proposal of the Contracting Committee that has met today.

During the session of the Neighborhood Council held today, the mayor has indicated that this plan "is designed to address" incidents "throughout the city," and has asked the members of this body to collaborate to "locate the most urgent needs" in the different neighborhoods, since "the neighbors are the ones who are more up to date with what is happening in their streets".

Perez has indicated that with the endowment of this plan "we will execute all the suggestions that we can of how many the neighbors move us, giving priority to those that come from the hand of the associations that make up the Neighborhood Council".

The different needs can be transferred, also, through various communication channels with the City Council such as, the telephone number 900 10 12 15, the web and the Green Line 'app', and the Citizen Service Facebook

In the same session the mayor informed the councilors of the upcoming start of the two projects that the City will develop at the proposal of the neighbors through the Participatory Budgets of 2018: the Neighborhood Accessibility Plan and the expansion of the Els Park Ametlers.

Pérez recalled that the Neighborhood Access Plan is endowed with 224,000 euros and will allow the elimination of architectural barriers and the improvement of road and pedestrian safety in the Els Tolls neighborhood, which "after these works, focused on the realization of recesses and lugs, will be virtually 100% accessible. " Specifically, it will act at the intersections of the avenue of Andalusia with the streets France, Greece, Switzerland and Holland; from France with Portugal; and of Iceland with Alfonso Puchades. In addition, and within the improvements that have been achieved with this contract, it will act in the lower part of the avenue of Andalusia.

The other project approved in the neighborhood Assembly was the expansion of the Els Ametlers Park, work that was awarded last Friday and which will also likely begin next week. As detailed by the mayor, this project extends this green area located on Calle Italia, giving continuity to the pedestrian route that runs parallel to the TRAM road.

Meeting of the Neighborhood Council
This Tuesday was the last meeting of the Neighborhood Council for the period 2014-2018, since next December 18 will proceed to the renewal of this body with the election of the two Vice Presidents and spokespersons of the different work commissions. In this last session, in which the Councilor for Citizen Participation, Mª Jesús Pinto, has also taken part, has been approved, among other matters, to give continuity to the Participation Commission beyond the works for which it was created on the occasion of the revision of the Strategic Plan for Citizen Participation 2017-2021. The directors have also approved the Annual Report of the organ from December 2017 to December of this year; and ask the City Council to urge the companies to continue with the process of implementing fiber optics in the areas and urbanisations of the city that still lack it.