Sports councilor Arturo Cabrillo, Benicolchón Playas de Benidorm coordinator, Ramón González, and team coach, Jaime G

25 Apr 2019

This morning the XIV edition of the international football tournament 'Benidorm Cup' has been presented.

24 Apr 2019

This morning a new edition of the Baseball tournament "Villa de Benidorm" has been presented which is held for the se

12 Apr 2019

Hundreds of people have joined this Sunday to the celebration of the XXXVI Bicycle Day, which aims to encourage the u

8 Apr 2019

The sports councilor, Arturo Cabrillo, has presented this morning with the president of the Benidorm Volleyball Club,

5 Apr 2019

The XXXVI edition of the Day of the Bicycle is celebrated this Sunday, April 7 as has been announced this morning by

4 Apr 2019