Benidorm presents its DTI + Safe and Sustainability proposals to the OECD as examples of resilience

It participates, along with three other destinations -Finland, Switzerland and New Zealand- in a meeting on management of tourism promotion and sustainable recovery in Covid19 times
Benidorm presents its DTI + Safe and Sustainability proposals to the OECD as examples of resilience.
Benidorm presents its DTI + Safe and Sustainability proposals to the OECD as examples of resilience.

With the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, it exposes its strategies as a Smart Tourist Destination, in the afternoon.

Benidorm participated, yesterday, in two international meetings at the request of the Government of Spain to present its management model in Covid19 times.

In a meeting with its heads of Tourism, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development organized this meeting that was coordinated from its headquarters in Paris.

The OECD is made up of 37 states and its objective is to coordinate the economic and social policies of the member countries. Its main current concern is the management of the situation and the recovery of economic and social activity.

Regarding the important tourism industry, the organization asked its member states for examples of management capable of generating resilience and good signs of recovery. From the Government of Spain, the example of Benidorm management was proposed and accepted and mid-morning yesterday, from Visit Benidorm the work developed by Benidorm was exposed until it became the first certified DTI in the World, the variation of its sheet of route to DTI + Safe in Covid times contemplating the new needs of Tourism as well as the set of Projects included in the Tourism Sustainability Plans.

Benidorm was accompanied on the telematics panel by the planning of Posio, a town in Finnish Lapland close to Rovaniemi, in the Arctic Circle; New Zealand's Bay of Plenty, on the North Island; and the Swiss Sustainable Tourism Strategy.

After the presentation of the contents and proposals of the four tourist destinations, moderated from the headquarters of the OECD in Paris by the Secretary General of the European Tourism Association (ETOA), Tim Fairhurst, the managing director of Visit Benidorm, Leire Bilbao, responded to the questions that were raised in the subsequent colloquium highlighting the main actions developed in Benidorm in terms of beach management, applied health protocols, social aid programs and measures to enhance resilience and quality of life of residents and tourists. In her presentation she included each and every one of the proposals that make up both the DTI + Safe Roadmap as well as EDUSI strategy and the Tourism Sustainability Plans, taking into account the postulates of the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The objective of Benidorm's participation in this important international meeting was to convey the enhancement of tourist competitiveness that is achieved with all the proposals that the city has developed so far, since the beginning of the pandemic, adapting the DTI line of work to the circumstances and following the axes that affect the economic, social and environmental development under criteria of governance, sustainability, accessibility, innovation and technology.

In the afternoon, to adapt to the schedule of the Southern Hemisphere, Visit Benidorm has participated, for the third time in the last two months, in a training action of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI) - at the request of Enrique Martínez Marín, president of Segittur, the State Mercantile Society for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies-, for a telematic seminar in which 64 representatives from 13 Ibero-American countries have participated and for which Benidorm has exposed the DTI strategy in Social Networks and has focused it in communication management in circumstances such as the Covid19 pandemic, with an impact on the adaptation of messages based on the network, innovation and the measurement of communication effectiveness.