Benidorm approves the 4th remittance of ‘Parenthesis Aid’, which can be requested until April 26

The City Council has extended the submission deadline to facilitate the granting of more applications for these benefits, aimed at freelancers and companies with up to 10 workers from various sectors affected by the pandemic
Benidorm approves the 4th remittance of ‘Parenthesis Aid’, which can be requested until April 26.
Benidorm approves the 4th remittance of ‘Parenthesis Aid’, which can be requested until April 26.

The Local Government Board (JGL) has approved today the fourth remittance of ‘Parenthesis Aid’, aimed at self-employed workers and companies with up to 10 workers from a series of sectors affected by the pandemic and which have been established by the Generalitat Valenciana. The mayor, Toni Pérez, recalled that “last week the deadline for submitting these grants was extended to facilitate the granting of more applications, and thus be able to reach the maximum possible number of companies and professionals and contribute to mitigating the complicated situation that they are going through as a consequence of this health, social and economic crisis generated by Covid-19 ”.

As the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP) collects today, the submission deadline has been extended from March 24 to April 26, both inclusive, so that the self-employed and companies “have one week to formalize their request online on the municipal Website: ”.

The mayor has indicated that "in addition to enabling professionals and companies that at the time did not participate in the call to do so now, we are also going to review the applications denied in the four remittances already approved in case any of these files had changed their situation" .

On the remittance approved today, Toni Pérez has reported that it amounts to 53,848.86 euros, with aid that ranges, on average, between 2,000 and 3,200 euros ". In total, to date benefits have been granted for an amount of 1,759,761.14 euros.

The mayor has remarked that “these 'Parenthesis Aid, financed in three ways by the Generalitat Valenciana, Alicante Provincial Council and the City Council itself, are added to the rest of the support measures for companies and freelancers in Benidorm promoted by this local administration since the outbreak of the pandemic and with which in 12 months we have injected more than 7.5 million euros into the local productive fabric ”.

Toni Pérez stressed that "this support to encourage and contribute to economic reactivation will be maintained throughout the year, even increasing the resources available in 2020. In fact, in the coming weeks we are going to increase by 3 million euros the item initially reserved for aid to the productive fabric, which will reach 5.5 million euros ”. These additional 3 million euros “come from the savings obtained by the City Council in the 2020 financial year; a saving that will return to the citizens themselves through aid and measures aimed, especially, at homes that are suffering the most from this crisis and at the companies and the self-employed who are struggling daily to maintain their activity and employment ”.

Application and financial envelope ‘Parenthesis Aid’

The submission of applications for 'Parenthesis Aid' is carried out online and with an electronic signature on the Web of the City Council ( and the documentation to be provided can be consulted on the municipal website:

Once the remittances have been published on the Notice Board of the web, the deadline for submitting appeals to the denial of ‘Parenthesis Aid’ is 30 days. The appeal must also be submitted on the web.

The financial endowment of ‘Parehesis Aid’ in Benidorm is around 5.2 million euros -the fifth highest in the Valencian Community-, of which the City Council contributes about 790,000.