‘Benidorm’ series premieres on AtresPlayer Premium

The fiction, starring Antonio Pagudo and María Almudéver, was filmed in the city for 16 weeks and will be broadcast in September
‘Benidorm’ series premieres on AtresPlayer Premium.
‘Benidorm’ series premieres on AtresPlayer Premium.

‘Benidorm’, the series shot in the city by Plano a Plano production company for Atresmedia group, premieres today exclusively on AtresPlayer Premium platform. Starring Antonio Pagudo and María Almudéver, this romantic comedy has one more plot character in Benidorm throughout its eight chapters, which were recorded in the city for 16 weeks.

The filming of the series, with which Benidorm Film Office actively collaborated, took place in various locations in the city, bringing enclaves such as the old town, the beaches, The Castle, the promenades, La Cala o Rincón de Loix to the screens of all of Spain. 

Starting today, the first chapter of ‘Benidorm’: ‘Del tumor al amor’ is available on AtresPlayer Premium. Every Sunday the platform will release a new installment.

As the mayor, Toni Pérez, already pointed out, in the press conference prior to the start of filming, the series 'Benidorm' has “values ​​that combine very well with the city, since both seek to generate happiness, one in viewers and the other in the millions of tourists who choose it ”.

In addition to the promotional impact, ‘Benidorm’ has had an important economic impact in the city, since during the 16 weeks of filming the technical and artistic team made up of more than 80 people stayed in local establishments. A filming that coincided in time with another great audiovisual project that also bears the name of the city, ‘Nieva en Benidorm’ the latest feature film by director Isabel Coixet, currently in the post-production phase.

After today's exclusive premiere on AtresPlayer Premium, ‘Benidorm’ will air open on Antena 3 next September.

The Plot of ‘Benidorm’

Xabier Zurita is a Basque notary with the appearance of a Basque notary. His life is as checkered as his shirts. Single, he does not seem to ask more of life than the small pleasures of his routines. But everything changes when he receives an unexpected news: a tumor that grows in his head will kill him in less than three months. Overcome by the news, Xabi is unable to share it with his friends and makes the first unpredictable decision of his life: he packs his suitcase and heads to Benidorm. The place where his happiness was fuller than ever. The place where he met, on his trip to the end of his studies, his first and only love: María Miranda. Once installed in Benidorm, Xabi confesses to a stranger that he has saved three million euros.