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It has also supported the constitution of the Association of Tourist Municipalities of Sun and Beach, and its statutes

The plenary approves the regulation on the use of drones by the Local Police

31 December 2018
El pleno aprueba el reglamento sobre el uso de drones por parte de la Policía Local

The City Council reiterates to FCC that it must continue providing the service of waste collection and street cleaning under the same conditions until there is a new winner

The plenary of Benidorm has initially approved the 'Regulation of use of aircraft piloted by remote control by the Local Police Corps'. The Councilor for Citizen Security, Lorenzo Martínez, explained that "the use of drones by the Local Police has been an important boost to the operative capacity of the Corps and is giving magnificent results that invite us to continue exploring its possibilities and applications." This document "conforms to the existing regulations" and establishes the conditions and rules for the use of airspace by the Local Police, as well as the requirements of air operations to be carried out by the Corps, and the training and training of personnel of the staff that will take care of the flights and fly the drones.

This regulation divides the municipality of Benidorm into "three different areas according to the risk posed by the flight of the drone over them". The 'Low irrigation areas or green areas' are maritime, rustic and forest areas, and urban areas with scattered housing. In these areas, routine day and night flights can be made, for example, to detect discharges in rural areas or in the bay.

According to the document approved today, in the 'Medium risk areas or yellow areas' are included urban areas with low-rise single-family constructions -urbanizations- and rustic areas with campsites; while those with high-risk areas or red areas are considered urban areas with single-family buildings attached to or with agglomeration of tall buildings and concentrations of people in the open air. In these two areas, they can only be flown when there is an emergency situation or a serious risk to the safety of people such as a fire or an accident involving injuries, and always with the authorization of the Chief of the Local Police Service.

In the same session, and unanimously, the corporation has expressed its willingness to establish the 'Association of Tourist Municipalities of Sun and Beach' along with the municipalities of Adeje, Arona, Calvià, Lloret de Mar, Salou, San Bartolomé de Tirajana and Torremolinos; cities that are part of the Alliance of the same name and that add 40 million annual tourist overnight stays.

The proposal also gave the green light to the statutes of the association that has, among other objectives: "the promotion and development of new knowledge"; "Promote research and the use of new technologies"; "Develop common projects to raise supramunicipal funds"; "Promote cooperation among administrations, companies and agents of the sector"; "Make possible the integration in similar entities of national and international scope"; "Strengthen collective strategies to increase competitiveness"; "Develop synergies and joint strategies of urban innovation"; and "promote training and qualification of employment in the tourism sector".

The mayor, Toni Pérez, recalled that the 'Alliance of Tourist Municipalities of Sun and Beach' has become a "claiming" platform from which these tourist destinations claim, among other issues, greater and better financing taking into account their singularities

By majority, and proposed by the council of Street Cleaning, Arturo Cabrillo, has reiterated to the current concessionaire of waste collection and cleaning, Building and Contracts Promotion (FCC), which must continue to provide the service until there is a new winner and the latter is in a position to assume it, as set forth in the terms of the contract in force. Likewise, the plenary session rejected the allegations presented by the company in an appeal for reconsideration, and transferred it again that during the extension the conditions of service provision "will be the same as those governing the current contract" regardless of whether there are discrepancies some terms of that contract that are being settled in court.

By majority, a new convention of expropriation has been given the green light by mutual agreement for the construction of the Vial Discotecas, which will link the Valencian Community avenue with the national highway 332. This agreement, which has not received any allegations during the period of public exposure , affects three farms and allows progress in the acquisition of land for the opening of this road, key to the development of the industrial estate.

With the same result, the proposal to sell Iberdrola to two transformation centers located on municipal land in the Lanuza polygon of the Partial Plan Murtal II, which are necessary for the supply of the sector, has prospered. It is one of the last steps to receive the urbanization works of this sector already executed and make them available to the public.

With the majority vote of the corporation, the additions made to the Internal Regulation of the Neighborhood Council, previously voted in full by the participatory body, have been approved.

Also with the majority vote has accepted the cession of a store in the street Lepanto, specifically in the shopping center 'La Noria', by the water concessionaire, Hidraqua, since it has fallen into disuse after the opening of the new customer service office by the company.

The plenary has also approved the 2017 General Account, after the document has received no complaints or objections during the public exposure period; and it has also given the green light to the modification of the multi-year investment calendar according to the technical reports.

In the same session, the minutes of the joint committee for the negotiation of the resolution by mutual agreement of the contract signed with the bus station SL of November 21, in execution of the judgment of October 2007 of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community. In the same way, the minutes of the meetings of November 30 and December 5 of the technical commission of that same joint commission have also been reported.

Also within the agenda, the minutes of constitution of the special commission on the file of the Bus Station and the disappearance and concealment of documents have been reported; and the Secretary's report on the ruling of the Administrative Contentious Court No. 1 of Alicante on the Outlet Market and appeal.

Motions of the opposition
By majority the plenary session has approved a motion by the socialist municipal group to build dressing rooms with toilets and shaded areas in the Salt de l'Aigua skates. The proposal includes adapting the central track of the patinódromo -where the initiation classes are held- to minimize the risks of serious injuries by friction with the asphalt to the users.

By majority has also come forward a motion of Compromís-Los Verdes group for municipal technicians to study, establish and locate the main route of the Séquia Mare by the municipality, to later signal -with charge to the next municipal budget- the vials by those that this 'Reg Major de l'Alfàs' used to remember the importance it had for the city.