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Today, December 29, at the press conference, it has taken stock of the year 2.017, with regard to the institutional work of the councilors of Ciudadanos por Benidorm, Arturo Cabrillo and Paquita Ripoll.

Arturo Cabrillo and Paquita Ripoll take stock of their institutional work during the year 2.017

29 December 2017
Arturo Cabrillo y Paquita Ripoll hacen balance de su labor institucional durante el año 2.017

Arturo Cabrillo has begun, indicating that he was going to refer to two specific issues. The first of them "to which I am going to refer and take stock, is our support to the municipal budget for this exercise," he said.

Arturo Cabrillo, who with the support given to the Budget, has been able to improve the universal accessibility in Benidorm, culminating almost completely with the Els Tolls, Foietes neighborhoods, and the area in which the works are currently being undertaken, including Cruce and Alfredo Corral, as well as intervening in different specific areas that needed it urgently.
Paved roads have been paved both in the Rincón de Loix, in the center, and in La Cala.
Work has begun to recover the historical heritage of our city. In particular the Castellum del Tossal in La Cala de Benidorm, the intervention will even be extended to the southern part of the site, as well as being the catalyst to promote other interventions to protect the cultural and historical heritage of Benidorm, such as the one in Towers Les Caletes, or the future of Castell de Benidorm.
The maintenance contract for the urban scene has been tendered and awarded, and different actions are being carried out to improve it.
The development of the Municipal Acoustic Plan has begun, a need that was demanded by those neighbors who suffer from noise nuisance in the areas that reside for different reasons.
The infrastructure that will connect the end of Calle Italia with the Palau de Esports L 'Illa of Benidorm, the future Sequia Mare Park, as well as with the European Community Avenue through different ramps is being built, for this reason and given the relevance for the quality of life and the safety of people.
The second event to which he has referred, of great relevance during this year, has been the incorporation to the Government Team, on June 6, Paquita Ripoll with the responsibility of the delegation of the Department of Equality, and Arturo Cabrillo, as Third Deputy Mayor, assuming the responsibilities of the delegations, sports and street cleaning.
Regarding the work in the Government Team, each of the councilors has made an exhibition of the actions undertaken under their responsibility during this year.
On the road cleaning delegation, Arturo Cabrillo has indicated:
"We have a great challenge for the future, such as the design of the new urban solid waste collection service and street cleaning of the future, given that the current contract ends on December 31, 2018, the council has been working together with the Engineering Department in the definition of the future service, so that it is considered and debated in the commission created for this purpose, and once definitively defined, the administrative clauses and technical prescriptions are drawn up so that the bidding process can be carried out of the new service, waiting for the award to take place sufficiently in advance so that at the beginning of January, 2,019, the new contractor can start providing the service. "
About the delegation of sports, commented Arturo Cabrillo:
"I have to tell you that our work has focused on three main areas of action.
The improvement of the facilities, in the Sports City, has focused on the remodeling of the Stadium's changing rooms and those of the "Rául Mesa" pavilion, which are about to be finished. The replanting of the natural grass of the Stadium and the athletics track. And the improvement of the illumination of the field annexed to the Stadium.

At the Palau, the commissioning of the new dehumidifier for the heated pool has been undertaken. And the improvement of the lighting of the pavilion of half one.

In the Antonio López Football Fields, the protection of the elements that could be susceptible to generate some risk for the athletes has been carried out. The replacement of posts and perimeter networks for the protection of spectators. The toilet has been adapted for people with different capacities. The improvement of the existing changing rooms. The construction of a multi-sport court within the municipal facility, as well as the power line will be doubled to improve the lighting of the two football fields.

As for the promotion of the sport of Benidorm, this is marked by unconditional support to all clubs and athletes in the city. With the assignment of facilities, paying for the transport of equipment to official competitions, and giving all the possible collaboration in the organization of different tournaments.

As for the promotion of Benidorm, with the celebration of different events, the most outstanding being: The day of the bike, celebrated during the week of mobility, for what it entails of promotion of sustainable transport and of the acquisition of habits of healthy life for the little ones. The Mediterranean Coast Challenger, final of the Spanish Open Water Cup. The Ocean man, international test with participants from more than 37 countries. The Triathlon, with participation of more than 700 triathletes from all over the national territory. The Costa Blanca Bike Race, international UCI scoring test. The 10 kilometers of Benidorm, which beat participation record with 954 participants. Or the Bulshooter Darts Tournament. "

Before finalizing, Arturo Cabrillo, has wanted to give a sincere gratitude, as well as to make a recognition both to the Mayor and to the rest of the members of the Government Team, for the support shown, the harmony in the daily work for Benidorm, in short for leaving them be participants with them of such an important task.
Councilwoman Paquita Ripoll, has also made the balance in terms of the work performed as responsible for the delegation of Mayor in Equality. Indicating that it is marked by different events, in September, "Benidorm City Council has received the 2017 Tolerance award from the Benidorm PRIDE organization and the LGBT Benidorm Tourism Association."
He also indicated, "in October, the commemorative events of the International Day against Breast Cancer were held on October 19, with these activities we showed our unconditional support to all those women of the association who have fought, fought and fought with strength and positively before this disease. "
Paquita Ripoll has given a well deserved thanks to Anemone, for its work throughout its 15 years of history and its commitment to improve the quality of life of people and to make known, to the whole of society, the effects of the disease and how to face this scourge.
In November, the 'Regional March Against Gender Violence' was celebrated on Saturday, the 25th, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The march, organized this year by the Department of Equality of Benidorm, has the collaboration of the Association 'Women with Voice' of Marina Baixa, the 'Association of Housewives' of Benidorm, as well as the' Council of Equality of Marina Baixa '(CCIMB), integrated by the municipalities of Finestrat, La Nucía, Villajoyosa, Altea, Callosa, Polop, Alfaz and Benidorm.
In the words of Paquita Ripoll, "I would like to thank my colleagues from other municipalities in the region for their presence at the march, in particular the councilors of Equality and Women of l'Alfás del Pí, Genoveva Tent; from La Nucía, Gema Márquez; from Callosa d'En Sarriá, Rosa Mari Savall; from Finestrat, Amelia Mayor; and from Polop, Mari France Berenguer; as well as the president and vice president of the Association 'Mujeres con Voz', Margarita Luján and Mari Carmen Moreno; and the president and vice president of the 'Association of Housewives of Benidorm', Vini Pérez and Mari Paz Franco. "
To end has given some information from the Department on psychological and legal care that has been made this year. Being more than 120 women, those who have received such attention and counseling, both psychological and legal, of which more than 40 have received specific legal attention to gender violence and more than 80 psychological care for the same reason. Being more than 15 women users of ATEMPRO, which is a measure of protection of people, mainly women, who have protective measures issued by a judge.
In the same way they have also been attended, said the councilor Paquita Ripoll, more than 200 people between men and women, although it has been fundamentally women who have demanded this service of generic legal advice.
Both councilors have finished congratulating the year to all our neighbors.