Costa Blanca Cup

The 26th edition of the Costa Blanca Cup, the reference international baseball tournament, has already begun to roll.

3 Jul 2019

The 26th edition of Costa Blanca Cup football tournament, held in Benidorm from June 30 to July 6, was presented this

28 Jun 2019

This afternoon has been played the final of the Inclusive tournament of the twenty-fifth edition of the Costa Blanca

5 Jul 2018

The 25th edition of  Costa Blanca Cup, the international reference tournament of grassroots football, is already unde

4 Jul 2018

The 25th edition of Costa Blanca Cup held in Benidorm from July 1 to 7, was presented this morning by the mayor Toni

29 Jun 2018

The tournament 'Inclusive' of the Costa Blanca Cup has already a winner.

6 Jul 2017