Descripción de la Concejalía de Juventud

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Young people of ‘Summer 2020’ visit the home of all the people from Benidorm.

The young participants in 'Summer 2020' initiative, organized by the Department of Youth, took a visit this morning t

14 Jul 2020
Benidorm is advancing in the drafting of its Youth Plan, which will shortly begin the phase of citizen participation.

Benidorm City Council is making progress in the drafting of its 'Youth Plan', a document that will set out the strate

29 Jun 2020
Youth department proposes workshops, games, excursions, computers and more in its ‘Summer 2020’.

The Department of Youth, directed by Jaime Jesús Pérez, has launched its ‘Summer 2020’ activity aimed at minors betwe

25 Jun 2020
Come with Youth department to the Hall of Manga and Japanese Culture in Alicante.

The Department of Youth led by Jaime Jesús Pérez, organizes a trip to the Japanese Manga and Culture Hall that celebr

10 Mar 2020
 New Creators exhibition brings together 29 paintings and sculptures by authors from all over Spain.

From this morning you can visit the exhibition of the thirty-first edition of New Creators of Painting and Sculpture

5 Mar 2020
The youngest March in Espai Jove of Benidorm City Council.

The Department of Youth has presented today the program of activities of Espai Jove corresponding to the month of Mar

3 Mar 2020


Responsables de la concejalía

Sr. D. Jaime Jesús Pérez Esteban
Sr. D. Jaime Jesús Pérez Esteban
Cultura, Juventud y Patrimonio