The weather causes minimal incidents in Benidorm

The weather causes minimal incidents in Benidorm
The weather causes minimal incidents in Benidorm

The rain has damaged the cornice of the Rincón health center, one of the walls of Palau d'Esports and in several streets there are subsidences that are being repaired

The wind has knocked down dozens of trees throughout the municipality, though none of historical or protected value

The strong storm of rain and wind of the last days has closed with minimum incidents in Benidorm, as confirmed by the councilors responsible for Citizen Security and Beaches, Lorenzo Martínez; Environment, José Ramón González de Zárate; and Urbanism, Lourdes Caselles, who this Monday have made a balance of the affections and the actions that are already being carried out.

As they explained, "the city has responded very well" to the episodes of this storm, since there have been no problems in the hydraulic network and major electrical power cuts, lighting incidents have been very localized, and the traffic cuts for the accumulation of water have been punctual and in very specific places such as Toledo Street or Murtal Avenue. In fact, "for the first time the circulation known as 'Number One bend' - at the intersection of Alfonso Puchades and Comunidad Valenciana avenues - has not been closed at any time, which shows that the works being done at this point and in the vicinity are a success.

Most of the public buildings, all of them operational today, have also responded well. Thus, only problems have been detected on the edge of the Rincón health center - where it has already been acted and has been moved to the department - and on one of the walls of Palau d'Esports l'Illa, where the wind has moved a fastening that will need to be repaired. De Zárate has pointed out that due to this damage is going to narrow a small area of ​​stands, but stressed that in no case will affect the sporting activity of the Palau.

 The leaks detected in Raúl Mesa pavillion, and the 22 subsidences that have occurred in different streets and roads, although it is limited a part of the neighborhood center of Els Tolls by the fall of a pine on the roof of a block of apartments.

The councilor for Town Planning has indicated that throughout the weekend has been "monitored" 12 houses in Luarca Street, "where part of the mountain has suffered landslides due to the amount and strength of the rain". Although finally it was not necessary to vacate any of these properties, "Architecture and Urbanism especialists will make reports and transfer them to the owners so that they in turn present the necessary documentation proving that these homes are in perfect conditions, and that the rain and the wind have not diminished its security ".

In relation to the beaches, Martínez has said that "have endured quite well" the storm and although the waves "have left some things uncovered" is expected to "recover them in a couple of days" normalcy. The fact that the storm coincided with the beginning of the annual disinfection of the beaches has allowed the damage to have been inferior to that of other points along the coast, since much of the furniture had been removed from the sand and was stored.

Martínez has detailed that most of the incidents attended during the days of Saturday and Sunday were related to the wind, especially with the risk of falling trees. In fact, several dozen specimens have been affected throughout the municipality, especially on private properties.

Regarding municipal specimens, "none of the trees that has suffered damage has historical value nor is it part of the catalog of protected specimens," said the councilor for the Environment. The fall of specimens in private properties have caused traffic cuts in Camino Vell de l'Alfàs - which today will be opened to traffic - and in Azagador Soria, although fortunately in no case have there been personal injuries. De Zárate has announced that Benidorm City Council will recover the great ficus microphylla in Elche Park that the strong wind knocked it down on Saturday, and whose fall caused affections in the urban furniture of the environs. This specimen will now follow a restoration treatment for "one or two years" in the municipal nursery and will then be replanted in the same place.

The councilor for Public Security, on behalf of the corporation, thanked the work carried out these days by the Local Police, Fire Brigade, Red Cross, Civil Protection, concession companies, technical services, and other personnel involved in the emergency device.

Impact of rain on the city's water situation

The rains that have fallen during the last few days have significantly improved the water situation in the city. De Zárate, who also has assumed the competence of Waters, due to this episode of rains and to the one registered a month ago "Benidorm will not have any problems of water during 2017".

The councillor has advanced that the meeting of the Consortium of Waters of the Marina Baixa scheduled for next week will move to the following week, once the swamps and aquifers have collected all the water from the rainfall and can have some more data updated on the water situation of the region.

He also called for "tranquility" of citizens before the opening "for safety" of floodgates in the marshes, as in the coming days as the snow is undone the reservoirs will reach "much more water than can now get out".