Seafaring atmosphere and tradition in the festivities in honor of Virgen del Carmen of Benidorm

On Sunday, the image of the 'Star of the Seas' will sail in the bay to offer the memory of the fallen in the waters
Seafaring atmosphere and tradition in the festivities in honor of Virgen del Carmen of Benidorm.
Seafaring atmosphere and tradition in the festivities in honor of Virgen del Carmen of Benidorm.

At 7:00 pm, the Fiesta Commission of Virgen del Carmen de Benidom has gathered today at Paseo de Colón for the traditional 'collection' of its Marinera de Honor 2019, Laura Pasqual Llambrich. Concentration that has been enlivened by Colla de Xirimiters de La Marina and by Banda de la Unió Musical.

In the act, the members of the fiesta have been accompanied by the First Deputy Mayor, Ana Pellicer; the councilman of Fiestas, Jesús Carrobles and members of the corporation that have wrapped up the Fiesta of the Virgen del Carmen and its president, Ginés Alvarado. Participating also the national deputy Agustín Almodóbar and representatives of the local festivities, among them the queens of the Festes Majors Patronals, Marina Carrillo and Paula Mayor; the president of the Comissió, Roberto Carretero; and that of the Associació de Penyes, Coli Pérez.

Later, at 8:00 pm, the popular mass sung by the ACR 'La Barqueta' took place in the Parish Church of Sant Jaume and Santa Anna. After the religious ceremony, in the Plaça de la Senyoria, Lorenzo Cervera has read the proclamation of the Fiestas 2019. In his speech Cervera has conjugated terms such as tradition and solidarity that are - he said - "the roots of our celebrations".

After the proclamation, Ana Pellicer has greeted the attendees and highlighted the coincidence in Benidorm of two "marked festivities, with two virgins as seafaring" : Virgin Carmen and the Mare de Déu del Sofratge, patroness saint of the city.

Pellicer, on behalf of the entire municipal corporation, has once again joined "the marine tradition" so present in the city. "A maritime Benidorm," she underlined, "and, therefore, open to all; a Benidorm that in the sea and by the sea gained fame and prestige and where the Mediterranean settle its modern development ".

Program of events

The seafaring and festive atmosphere is already in the city. On Thursday, July 18, in the Booth the international 'playback' competition will take place. On Friday the 19th, a popular festival starting at 8:00 pm on Paseo de Color. On Saturday 20, at 2:00 pm, giant paellas will be tasted for all attendees (until the end of stock); At 8:00 pm the Offering to the Fallen in the Sea will be held in Plaça de la Senyoria; and at 9:00 pm, again, festival at Paseo de Colón.

The central act of the Fiestas in Honor of the Virgen del Carmen, the marine procession that runs through Benidorm Bay and the offering in memory to those who lost their lives in the sea, will wait until Sunday, July 21. The members of the fiesta will gather at 7:00 p.m. on Paseo de Colón, from there they will go to the port to embark. After the maritime tour, Laura Pascual Llambrich will recite the 'verse to the Virgin' in Elche Park. Subsequently, the image of the 'Star of the Seas' will be transferred to the parish. Finally, a 'mascletà' on Avenida Jaime I, run by Pirotecnia Valenciana, will bid farewell to Benidorm's quintessential sea festival until next year.